Career nurses can be categorized as solidly middle class, and if they work overtime regularly they can afford lots of extras and luxury items. So, what is a part-time nurse to do when it comes to affording a vacation getaway in Tahiti? The first thing a part-time nurse needs to consider before making plans to take a luxury vacation is their current financial obligations. If they took their MSN to DNP online at Bradley University then it is probable that the majority of their student loans have already been repaid. If you completed nursing school at a different college, you can still take your luxurious vacation, but you’ll also need to do a lot of planning. Here’s how you can get to that tropical oasis on a part-time nurse’s salary.

Go on A Group Trip

How many other part-time nurses who have earned a nurse practitioner doctorate degree want to go away on a relaxing trip abroad? Even if you only work a couple of days per week, you can’t deny the number of times this topic has come up in the cafeteria. You might be able to plan to schedule some time together with a few of your pals from work and share the cost of renting a fabulous condo in Paris or book a group spa package together in Egypt. Sharing costs on expenses such as limo bookings and home rentals can make a luxury vacation less pricey for all.

Vacation Abroad in The Winter

Most people end up going on vacation during the summer, so that means that is the most expensive time of year that you can plan your vacation. Consider going in the winter instead when fewer people will be traveling and hotels will have more vacancies. Airline tickets are also cheaper in the winter, so long as you don’t fly during the holiday season. Plan to take off time from late January to mid-February to get better deals on a luxurious stay abroad.

Take A Short Luxury Vacation

Ever consider going away to Bali for the weekend? How about booking a 2-day stay at the nicest hotel in Toronto? Believe it or not, luxury vacations can be short or long. Take off as soon as you get off from work, have your suitcases pre-packed and waiting in the car, then drive yourself to the airport so that you can enjoy the full amount of time that you have. Shorter vacations can be planned at the last minute and you can catch some great deals on airline tickets, restaurants, hotels, spas, and full travel packages.

A six-figure a year salary isn’t necessary if you want to go on a luxury vacation getaway, no matter what your profession is. Part-time nurses have the benefit of more wiggle room in their schedules. Plan your trip now so that you can eat at great restaurants and extend your trip if you just can’t see yourself going home just yet.

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