A music artist’s sole objective is to be popular and earn good revenue from his performances and tracks. When it comes to digital music streaming platforms like Spotify, it is no different. Here getting popular means you get a place on Spotify’s playlists. Much like getting nominated for that popular music award. The question is how to ensure this? The simple formula for being popular is to have many views and a large number of followers.

It does help to inflate the number of followers on your social media accounts especially when you have just started. One legitimate way is to buy Spotify followers in the initial stages to get traction and attract people. More followers and fans reflect the quality of an artist’s work and help him or her to more Spotify plays. But this is not enough. A professional artist needs to earn revenue.
It is important to get verified as an artist on Spotify so that one can get a place on its playlist. This is also possible without verification but having one can help the artist to be considered seriously by the editors of Spotify who curate playlists and also platform algorithms.

Apart from regularly creating tracks as a music artist, it is vital to have a set objective on how to achieve one to get their desired fan following.

Set target for fan following

One out to set a realistic goal on having the required followers in a certain time frame. Overnight, one cannot have a huge follower and the organic way of increasing them is slow and sometimes frustrating. For artists, there may be different timelines ranging from instant recognition to 3 months to say about a year to build up a formidable reputation.


Promoting and integrating one’s Spotify account to other platforms like Facebook or even one’s website so that the audience over there can follow and engage without leaving those platforms. Tools like Spotify follow Play buttons help in easy engagement. Another way is to create a page on one’s website which is Spotify-centric. This is an excellent way to create more awareness and a good way for encouraging visitors on the website to follow the Spotify account.


There is no harm in requesting people to follow one’s music on Spotify. It is even more effective if an artist requests in his voice when reaching out to fans. Also messaging to fans and other audiences on social media requesting them to follow on Spotify by providing links that can send them directly to the Spotify page. At times explaining to the audience how following Their artists on Spotify is the best way to appreciate good music and show their love for the platform. One can also create a special image and use it on the artist’s other social media accounts that would also lead to the brand recall of that artist. Sending newsletters on email promoting a new track that an artist had just uploaded on Spotify or advertising through digital market experts such as Jaynike on YouTube is a great strategy to increase one’s followers.

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