A dinner date can be one of the most exciting and romantic ways to get to know the person you’re dating. Dressing for the occasion is always important, but it can be difficult to figure out what you want to wear on your first date. Even if you already have the perfect outfit in mind with the shoes to match, it is important to complete the entire look with the beautiful jewelry. Consider some of the following tips regarding major jewelry pieces that you can use to plan for your next dinner date.


Your rings need to be elegantly understated. Though it can be tempting to go all out in terms of larger sizes, remember that you want your gemstones to draw basic attention through a glimmer, not a blaze. Lab created diamond rings can be among the most versatile options to choose from. Remember to always go with smaller elements that suit the metal. If you are going with a colored option, make sure to choose a muted form that matches the band itself. Coordinating with outfit colors can often yield surprising results, but no matter what, limit your rings to one hand, and one finger when possible.


The necklace category is one of the most versatile, as it gives you a greater degree of freedom regarding your customization options. Depending on the outfit you’re going for, you can choose between an elegantly understated piece or an attention-grabbing element that completes the look. The general rule of thumb is the more skin you show around your neck and collarbones, the larger the necklace you can choose. A balanced look will always appear more attractive because it shows that you know how to coordinate. Pendants and amulets are typically attractive regardless of the surrounding clothes, but be sure to aim to match thematically.


Try to limit bracelets to minimal sets if you plan on matching for both wrists. If you are going to be choosing bracelets for a single wrist, it is a good idea to go for matching in your variety. Like with any other visual elements, it is always a good idea to err on the side of less, rather than more. Match your bracelets according to your wrist size. If you have larger wrists, go for larger bracelets. Smaller, more delicate bracelets will always suit narrower wrists. When in doubt, use medium-sized bracelets to create a decorated and thoughtful look.


Earrings will follow many of the same rules that necklaces do. You do not want to go with anything too large or showy unless you are also planning on exposing more skin around your shoulders and neck. Small earrings can complement just about any outfit, so if you feel as though you are not sure where to begin with your jewelry options, start with smaller studs or hoops and see how they look with the rest of your outfit. 925 silver earrings from Silverbene are a great priced option if you aren’t sure where to look for them.

Like with the rest of your jewelry, do not be afraid to let your personality shine. It can be a good idea to choose bolder colors for your earrings so long as they match the rest of the outfit you have planned. Contrast within a theme is the way to go.


Watches can be just as decorative as any bracelet or necklace. Because they add the functional aspect to your outfit, they can be an appropriate choice for a more stately and formal outfit. Unlike with bracelets, a thinner band will almost always be more in style than a larger one. Go for a smaller face as well, and try to choose muted colors that can suit the specific outfit that you have in mind. If you want to play around with more decorative elements, you can consider working with any number of watches that feature gemstones along their face and exterior. Like with anything else, pick a theme and do your best to let the piece draw subtle attention.

Because so much of jewelry is based on personality, confidence will be your greatest ally in determining the way you pull the total look off. Do not be afraid to experiment with different color combinations to create a stronger degree of contrast around centerpieces like necklaces and earrings.

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