Learn about Homeira Goldstein a beauty icon and the charm she possesses, an interview with the beauty sensation.HOMEIRA GOLDSTEIN

A descendant of Persian Qajar royalty, Homeira Goldstein is a tastemaker and lifestyle expert well known for her dedication and support of the arts and creative culture.  Through creative immersion, she finds freedom from restrictions and brings her love of art in every aspect of her life.  Her lifestyle brand, HomeiraStyle, inspire artful living, most apparent in her unique tablescapes and recently debuted her Art of Flavor collection of herb and spice blends which are certain to bring a touch of her flair and panache to any discerning chef as well as the novice. Homeira welcomed us into her custom designed, art-filled home for a chat about her approach to life, art, and beauty.

DLX: You’re a multi-faceted inspiration; how do you advise the artists that you champion and what would you say to our readers?

Homeira Goldstein: Get to know yourself- form your life around who you are and capitalize on what you are good at. ¬†Don’t beat yourself up about things that you think you should be and learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. ¬†Surround yourself with things that you love and that make you happy, let those feelings and emotions guide your journey and define your path.

DLX: Was there ever a time when you felt as if you hadn’t quite found your niche?

Goldstein: ¬†I was in finance and felt that while I was extremely successful, I knew that I didn’t fit into that environment. ¬†I received regular compliments on my flamboyant fashion and was often asked why I wasn’t in the world of fashion. ¬†I knew that I had to change my environment, reevaluate and follow my first love- art.

DLX: Tell us more about your relationship with fashion and how it influences you.

Goldstein: I like to address it as style. ¬†My motto is ‚ÄúFashion is an attitude, have one!‚ÄĚ Your style is part of who you are. How you dress is your non-verbal communication with the outer world about who you are. ¬†Your style can give you SO much Power! ¬†Consider Superman and the power of ‘The Suit’ – the way that you dress every day transforms you in the same way.


Courtesy of Homeira Goldstein

DLX: Speaking of fashion, your style is so distinct and uniquely you.  How do you advise those seeking to find their signature style?

Goldstein: Find your body’s assets, take an objective look and discover the styles that flatter and compliment your overall esthetic. ¬†Everyone should own a full-length mirror.

DLX: What are your earliest memories of art?

Goldstein: When I was 10 years old on a summer vacation in Esfahan; my father and I were taking a stroll on the major boulevard with a charming creek running in the middle and tall trees on each side we approached an artist studio front.  My first time seeing vibrant paint colors and watching an artist paint.  I was mesmerized.  The artist noticed that and asked if he could show me how to paint.  Holding my hand with the brush between my fingers, he guided it to create a simple flower design.  I went back every day for the duration of our holiday. I knew from that moment on, that I wanted to be an artist.


DLX: Were you encouraged to practice art?

Goldstein:  I grew up around beauty and fashion, surrounded by art and culture in our home, however; my parents were very focused on the mainstream education and intended that I practice Medicine, Law or Finance.  Fashion became a way for me to express my love of art.

DLX:  Do you have a Beauty Icon?

Goldstein:  I was greatly influenced by my grandmother, she was a force of nature.  Always impeccably dressed with an air of confidence and kindness- she was the most powerful, intelligent woman and I think of her often.


Courtesy of Homeira Goldstein

DLX: Let’s talk briefly about your signature beauty look, what is your approach and do you have products to which you are dedicated?

Goldstein: ¬†I love NARS because of the shades and performance, I have a vanity full of gorgeous lip colors that I never wear because they don’t wear as well as NARS.

I use the Black Pencil and mostly Jungle Red Lipstick. I have to say that sometimes I mix different lipsticks and colors to get an ultimate and new color.

I am absolutely committed to a serum that I have used for years but that, I keep a secret.

DLX:  As a global citizen, you have lived in Moscow, Paris, London, Washington DC and Los Angeles; you have traveled extensively, including crossing the US by vehicle Рtwice!  Where do you prefer to stay when you travel?

Goldstein: I prefer the Four Seasons or Peninsula Hotels.  The level of service and attention to detail are meticulous.  

DLX: Does anything surprise you?

Goldstein: Very little.

Contributor Hillary Clark is a Los Angeles based celebrity makeup artist and beauty editor. She has been featured in Allure, Allure Bride, The New York Times, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Bazaar and InStyle Magazines.

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