It’s a time while full metal jacket an American- Vietnam war based movies have¬†impacted the thoughts of American¬†youth, an army cadet, and its struggle¬†to become one. The pain and anguish that was portrayed¬†by Stanley Kubrick¬†are still staying in the American¬†hearts.


Untitled, 1986. Lot Number 10. Image courtesy of Paddle8 and the artist.

Paddle8 and the Purple Heart Foundation announced earlier this week the auction of twelve original photographs taken by actor Matthew Modine from the set of Stanley Kubrick‚Äôs 1987 Vietnam War drama, Full Metal Jacket. Hosted by Paddle8, the sale will be live for bidding to collectors worldwide June 26 ‚Äď July 11, to coincide the 30th anniversary of the film‚Äôs release.¬† A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Purple Heart Foundation.

‚ÄúWorking with Stanley Kubrick on Full Metal Jacket was one of the most rewarding and foundational experiences of my early film career,‚ÄĚ states Modine, who portrays the starring role of Pvt. Joker in the film. ‚ÄúThe film resonates eternally on the complexities of war and the experience of soldiers on the front line. I‚Äôm thrilled to be offering photographs from the making of Full Metal Jacket to benefit our country‚Äôs heroes who have sacrificed so much.‚ÄĚ

In 1985, Stanley Kubrick cast Modine as Pvt. Joker, the lead role in Full Metal Jacket. During nearly two-years of filming, Modine kept a detailed account of the day-to-day experiences on the film set.  Notorious for his closed sets, Kubrick gave Modine alone permission to photograph the filmmaking process. Using a 2 1/4 x 2 1/4-inch medium format Rolleiflex camera, Modine captured hundreds of behind-the-scenes moments.  In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the film’s release, the Full Metal Jacket sale will include twelve limited edition fine-art prints from Modine’s personal collection.

Partnering with Paddle8 and the Purple Heart Foundation, Modine’s photographs will be presented for the first time to collectors worldwide as limited edition fine art prints with each photograph bearing Modine’s autograph and a personal inscription.  A complete set of twelve single-edition signed, a print set will also be included in the sale, with proceeds benefiting the Purple Heart Foundation. Since 1957, the foundation has provided hope and healing to veterans and their families, enabling them to live the American dream they protected through their service and sacrifice.

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