Everyone needs at least one hobby to keep their mind and body active. If you choose one of these seven budget-friendly hobbies, then you will not have to spend a lot of money to do something you love.


Few hobbies are as relaxing and enjoyable as reading a great book. While it is easy to spend a lot of money buying new books every week, this huge expense can easily be avoided. The local library has hundreds of books in every popular genre that can be borrowed for free. All you have to do is follow the rules of the library and return the books before their due date. The fact that you can spend thousands of hours reading without spending a single dollar makes it the ultimate frugal hobby.


If you have a desire to express your creative side, then drawing is a great hobby. You can get started with a single piece of paper and a pencil. Once you start to hone your skills, you can gradually increase your art supplies over time. The great thing about drawing is that you will have something tangible after all of your hard work. You can keep your drawings in a nice sketchbook, give them to your friends or sell them online to make a few extra bucks.

Teach Instrument Lessons

If you know how to play an instrument, and you enjoy making music – pass your love onto someone else! Many people sell lessons locally to earn extra cash. This hobby could become a way for you to pay back short-term online loans more easily, or pay off your car faster – all while enjoying a hobby you love and helping someone else learn it too. Just remember that while this may help you pay off your debt more easily, you should always incorporate your debt repayment into your normal budget.


It is very easy to develop a sedentary lifestyle. Since this is extremely dangerous for your overall health, it is important to develop a hobby that keeps you active. The cheapest way to get some exercise is by going running. All you need to start running is a decent pair of shoes. The running shoes are important because they will prevent you from experiencing foot or leg pains after a long run. Make the most out of your running by going to a local park or another picturesque location near your house.

Solve a Puzzle

Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs to get a workout a regular basis. Finishing a puzzle is a great way to have some fun while exercising the brain. There are dozens of different types of puzzles, and they can all be enjoyed on a tight budget. Elaborate jigsaw puzzles can be purchased at any major retail store for only a few dollars. Crosswords, work jumbles, and Sudoku puzzles can be found for free on the internet and various smartphone apps. You no longer have to buy the local paper or a book of puzzles to give your brain a workout.


Photography is a popular hobby that used to cost a lot of money, but it can now be done without a big financial investment. The most expensive aspect of photography was always buying a great camera. You now have a high-quality camera in your pocket at all times on your smartphone. This allows you to practice your new hobby whenever you get some inspiration. You no longer have to miss out on the perfect shot because the camera was left at home. Your beautiful photos can also be shared with all of your friends and family with a simple push of a button. Photography is also a great way to make side cash while getting to be creative and building your portfolio.

Play Some Games

Whether you are alone or with some friends, there is never a bad time to play some fun games. While playing a lot of video games can be a somewhat expensive hobby, there are a lot of ways to play games without spending much money. There is a good chance that you already own some classic board games or a deck of cards, but they can be found fairly cheap if you do not. There are also thousands of games on your smartphone and computer that are absolutely free to play.

You may think that you need a lot of money to have some fun hobbies, but that is simply not true. Once you invest your time in one of these budget-friendly hobbies and you can even make a few extra bucks while you’re at it.



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