Read any analysis or web-published statistics and you will see that online gambling is on the rise. In some parts of the world that growth is higher than in others, but the overall trend is quite positive. Increased demand results in increased supply, i.e. there are many online casinos out there. Many online players use websites like where they can find valuable information on popular online casino.

Which Is Which?

The fact that online gambling is on the rise, doesn’t mean that conventional, brick-and-mortar casinos are a thing of the past. A lot of people still visit casinos and gambling revenues are the main source of income in several renowned gambling destinations, such as Las Vegas in the USA and Macau in Asia.

Macau (or Macao) is often called Asia’s Las Vegas, but one could wonder whether that is justified, if we know that Macau is actually an older gambling centre than Las Vegas. So perhaps we should call Vegas America’s Macau? It doesn’t really matter, as most casino and hotel chains that are present in Vegas can also be found in Macau and vice-versa.


Historical Overview

Macau’s gambling story began over 160 years ago. The region of Macau was then a Portuguese colony. The Portuguese legalised gambling in Macau back in the 1850s. In the first decades only traditional Chinese games like Fan-Tan were played. Western games were introduced in the beginning of 1900s. Today, Macau is the only part of China where gambling is legal and the region’s economy depends heavily on gambling revenues.

Las Vegas was only established in the beginning of the 20th century, but the city’s history is pretty amazing and eventful. The building of the Salt Lake City – Los Angeles railroad track is what enabled this small desert town to prosper. In the first few decades of the last century organised crime in town was blooming and probably nobody believed that such a hellhole could become a city synonymous with glamour and extravagance.


Reasons to Visit Vegas

Gambling is the first thing that comes on our mid when we thinking of Vegas, but there are several other reasons why everybody should visit Sin City if they have the chance.

  • Cheap hotels – Staying one night in a lavish hotel is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel with the same of luxury anywhere else in the US;
  • Wedding Opportunities – If you’re looking for an extravagant, quirky, yet pretty cheap wedding, then Vegas is the place for you. Where else could you get married by an Elvis?;
  • Sunny weather – In the middle of the Nevada desert, Vegas enjoys warm weather throughout the year. Sure, it can be hot in the summer, but the spring and the autumn are pretty pleasant and warm;
  • 24/7 Entertainment – You simply can’t get bored in Sin City. It is truly a city that never sleeps with all its variety shows, nightclubs and bars that are open around the clock;
  • Great food – All great hotels and casino resorts serve high-quality food and on top of that you will find a lot of great gourmet restaurants.
  • Great transport – You can get around using taxi and bus services, monorails and there are plenty of rent-a-car agencies. The road network is carefully planned and allows unimpeded traffic.


Why You Should Visit Macau

Macau isn’t just a gambling centre. There is a number of other reasons why this Chinese region/city is a popular tourist destination.

  • It is a place where Asia meets Europe. A place so proud of its authentic Chinese culture, heavily influenced by the British and the Portuguese, Macau is a true cultural melting pot;
  • Great for beachgoers. Hac Sa Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world;
  • Family-friendly destination. It is not all gambling, there are a lot of activities that your children can enjoy;
  • Culinary heaven. Over the centuries, the Macanese have developed a quite authentic and original cuisine, mixing European, Chinese and African flavours;
  • Lots of parks and gardens. Despite the fact that it is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, you can also enjoy the great outdoors and take a walk in one of the many parks and gardens;
  • Great shopping destination. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a bargain or an exclusive and expensive branded products, you can find everything in the shops throughout Macau;
  • Macau is one of the very few regions in Asia that have a high Human Development Index.

Why Not Both?!

It is very difficult to determine whether Vegas or Macau is a better destination. For casino fans who seek luxury and like to play at exclusive and lavish casino resorts, both cities are perfect. So many differences between the two, yet even more similarities. The fact that Macau’s gambling industry was 7 times bigger is clearly indicative, but one can’t say that it is a conclusive proof that Macau is better than Vegas.

Now, if you can visit both Vegas and Macau – that would be perfect. If have time or money to visit only one of them, why not toss a coin?! There’s hardly a more appropriate method for determining which gambling destination is better. And who knows, perhaps you’ll hit a big jackpot during your stay and you’ll be able to afford to visit the other destination as well.


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