Macau has the second highest life expectancy in the world, is one of only two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China, and is the self-professed Las Vegas if the East. So it’s no surprise that the Macau life is truly unique.


It’s unlikely you’ll find anywhere in the world quite like Macau. Bright neon lights illuminate the grand casinos that dominate the skyline set to a backdrop of over 500 years of Portuguese colonisation. And it’s this blend of east meets west that makes Macau life so interesting.

Throughout the heart of life in the region there are Mediterranean influences mixed with the traditional Cantonese culture, most notably in food with local cuisine exclusive to the area. The simple Portuguese Egg Tart is perhaps the most famous dish amidst the opulence of the Cotai Strip, and is a must for anyone wanting to get a real taste of the Asian/European fusion.

Out of the kitchen and the Portuguese influence is unavoidable. The Historic Centre of Macau is lined with old colonial architecture that has been perfectly preserved and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Although for locals, the city centre is often avoided. Tourism has become integral to the region’s economy with thousands upon thousands flocking to experience the culture or to try and win in some of the world’s biggest card festivals,  so you’ll often find the Macanese in the likes of Coloane, one of the two main islands that make up the Administrative Region.

Since the rise of gambling, in particularly over the last few years however, the old Portuguese traditions are making way for a more modern lifestyle, with the industry employing more than half of the city’s population, and that’s only set to get higher.

Macau is continuing to become an incredibly attractive area for developers, particularly with the rise in popularity of online casinos and it continues to change Macau life. From online casino games Australia, to the high-street bookmakers in the UK. Countries around the world have seen huge economic growth from this thriving industry.

UNESCO acted quickly to preserve the rich history the city has, but with the likes of tycoon Steve Wynn plotting further developments on the strip, it will continue to change Macau life.

There is a worry that the city relies too heavily on the gaming industry and that should the market take a downturn, it would spell disaster for the residents, but whichever way you look at it, not only is life in the city with split personalities unique, it’s almost definitely exciting.

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