A little show once in a while wouldn’t harm anyone! Nope, not talking about a street fight where you end up saying, “woah, that’s a nice show!” One that involves actors, performers, music and loads of entertainment that happens in a theatre. Some shows are actually enjoyable online and on screen as well. A good example would definitely be Titanic Slot and The Three Stooges Slot at Robin Hood Bingo. Inspired by great movies and scenes, they exhibit high quality visuals and offer slot fun at the same time! You can enjoy these tip-top titles on screen and at Robin Hood Bingo as well! Awesome, isn’t it? However, there are some other shows that might shine their splendor only in a theatre. Here are the best theatres in the world that will expose you to something more splendid!
Alamo Drafthouse – Austin, Texas
A stage that has existed since 1977! Alamo Drafthouse emerged amidst rounds of applauses when it opened back in the 19s. It comprises of a chain of 22 theatres throughout the country. Luxurious setups and posh experiences are now the type of style that they are adopting. If you are wishing to have a closer look at Alamo Drafthouse, expect to come across fine seating, dining and drinks.
Cineteca Matadero – Madrid, Spain
It was an old slaughterhouse… perfect scenario for a haunted theatre! Yes, Cineteca Matadero was a slaughterhouse, now revamped into a Spanish arthouse. The theatre is well known for documentaries and live experimental films. Anyone going to Madrid?
Cine De Chef – Katmandu, Nepal
This Nepalese theatre brings entertainment to a whole new level! It is not only a theatre but includes an accompanying restaurant. The best treats and mouth-watering dishes are always on the menu, crafted by gourmet chefs. Even if the tickets aren’t that cheap, it is totally value for money. Giant reclined leather chain, nice food and high-quality shows, welcome to Cine De Chef!
Castro Theatre – San Francisco California
It is a reference in San Francisco and everyone that is used to the area will instantly recognize the structure! The historic theatre looks like it belongs in Europe, thanks to the cream colored surfaces and royal style infrastructures. It is actually a huge auditorium that seats 1400 people. For classic movie lovers, you will find yourself a home here. Castro Theatre features only the most classic movies.
Cinematheque Francaise – Paris, France
While going by this theatre, you might think it’s a museum but. . . don’t go on its looks. Well, somewhat it’s true since Cinematheque Francaise is partly a museum. The museum is dedicated to the marvels of French cinema history. The theatre features historic movies and classics as well. It is the perfect place to appreciate the magnificence of history and the entertainment of movies.
Five great theatres are on your screen. Came across one that should enter your bucket list? Maybe adding some sensational theatrical shows on your list of attractions while visiting a country will be the done thing. Obviously, the online slot-show will offer you equal thrills!
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