Are you an essential worker getting married? Do you have a story of love that has triumphed over the COVID-19 crisis? Do you know someone whose love story merits this gifted wedding, or would you like to nominate yourself?

We are so excited to tell the world that Chateau Challain is  GIFTING A FREE WEDDING, an all inclusive wedding to one lucky couple. If you are an essential worker or know one whose wedding has been affected by Covid-19 or is looking to get married, you can apply here! You can go to the link in our bio to the website and fill out a submission for yourself or for someone else to be nominated.

Please use the hashtag above #covidgiftedwedding when you share or when nominating on IG if you wish to do so.

If you’d like to see the castle, checkout this video featuring the wedding of Coco Rocha and James Conran.

For more information click here.
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