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Did you know that the average high temperature in Florida during the summer is between 90° Fahrenheit to 95 degrees? This means that the roof above your head will take a beating with all

of those sun rays hitting it day in and day out. We are going to share the coolest types of roof styles for hot climates in the article below.

Keep reading to learn more and decide which roof you love most.

1. Slate Tiles

Slate is not only pleasing to the eyes, it will last you a long time and require very little maintenance. The light-colored tiles help reduce the heat that is absorbed by the home because it has natural reflective properties.

Because this material is heavy you want to make sure that you hire a reputable company such as Point Roofing to install this type of roof.

2. Green Roofs

A green roof has a waterproof membrane that they fill with both vegetation and soil. This allows it to cool naturally as the greenery grows and with the soil temperature. Another upside is that roofs that are made from living plants release oxygen into the air which makes it less toxic and harmful than rows of petroleum-based shingles.

The water runoff will also keep the home cooler in the warm summer months.

3. Clay Roofing and Terra Cotta Tiles

This roof is light in color and does not retain as much heat as a darker roof. Thanks to technology you can add weatherproofing capabilities and reflective properties to clay roofs. You can also opt to paint the clay tiles to look like a more expensive slate.

Vertec Roof Repairs advise that Traditional terra cotta tiles keep homes cooler via their composition and shape. They go through a baking process in ovens to make them less porous which means they hold less heat. The mold of terra cotta tiles is an “S” shape that forms interlocking arches across a roof.

The space that is found beneath the arch allows air to circulate, helping the home stay cooler.

4. White Flat Tile

Another roofing material for warmer climates if flat concrete tile. These roofs are great at being heat-reflective and lasting a long time. They can reflect as much as 77% of the rays that hit it which keeps the heat from filtering down into your home.

Just keep in mind that with this roofing type you will have to maintain it regularly to keep it from becoming dingy and from losing its reflective properties.

Which Types of Roof Styles Will You Choose?

Now that you have our list of some of the best types of roof styles for hotter climates, you can choose the one you love best. Once you make this decision, then you can look for a professional in your area that has experience installing this type of roof.

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