Many people are forced to work from home due to the pandemic. Many employees regard this as a drawback though when you are working from home you can arrange your working place as you want. 

A common problem of all the office workers is health. Sitting for hours has never made anybody healthier. Now, when many people have moved to work-from-home conditions, even that small need to move when one must come to the office is eliminated. Thus, sitting-related problems are manifesting.

However, it is up to you whether you arrange a proper workplace or let your health deteriorate. There is one detail that can boost the quality of your work conditions. This detail is called a motorized desk. It is known for bringing a lot of benefits to those who spend most time at a desk. If you install a height-adjustable desk, you can prevent many issues with health.

How Can a Desk Solve Health Issues?

Now, let us check how a standing desk can eliminate or prevent some health issues that are considered rather serious.

When you are sitting, your back can hardly take a natural position. Thus, if you are sitting for hours in the same position, your back starts aching. While at a standing desk, you can get up without any need to stop your work. You can stretch your back; the muscles and joints can take their natural position and relax. This simple change can help you to get rid of aches in the back. 

When you are constantly working, your neck is bent for hours. It influences the blood flood to the brain negatively. That is why headaches appear. If you get up from time to time, the blood circulation improves, your brain gets sufficient oxygen, and the headaches either disappear or at least get not so bothering.

Besides, there are many physical exercises that are convenient to do at a standing desk. Some of them are very simple. 

What Exercises Can You Do at a Motorized Desk?

There are simpler exercises that do not require a lot of time and effort. You can do them any time without stopping the work:

  • Raising on your toes: this simple exercise is done in a standing position. Raise on your toes, wait a couple of seconds (the exercise shall not cause any unpleasant feelings), stand on your heels. Repeat 10-15 times. 
  • Leg lifts: this exercise is done in a sitting position. When sitting, lift your leg. Hold it at the level of your hip. Wait if possible. Reverse the legs. Repeat 7-15 times (as many times as you can).
  • Stretching: simply put your hands behind your back. Clasp the hands and stretch. Repeat it until you feel your chest muscles relax. 

If you feel that basic exercises are not sufficient, you can move on and do more complex workouts. Their main advantage is that they are all developed for doing them at home, and all the equipment you need is your standing desk and a chair. 

Thus, here we go, with a complex of exercises to do when working from home.

  • Chair dips are a more demanding exercise. It will help you to take care of most of your muscles and joints. Sit down at the chair edge. Put your hands behind your back and hold onto the chair. Now, move slowly your body down from the chair. Make sure that only your arms are moving, not the body. Now, lift yourself and sit down in the initial position. Repeat a couple of times.
  • Side lunges are not very demanding exercise. It will keep all your lower body part fit. To do it, move one of your legs to the side. Slowly, move it as far as possible while bending the other leg. Wait if you feel comfortable. Then, move back to the initial position. 
  • Hamstring curls are also one of the easiest tasks that help you to stay fit and healthy. With one hand, hold onto the desk edge. Bring one your foot backside and lift it. Catch the foot with a hand and try to lift it as high as possible. Release your foot and stand straight. Repeat with the other foot. 

Use Your Desk Correctly

As you can see now, a proper desk can be very beneficial in your work-from-home setup. However, if you do not adjust it properly, all the positive effects of exercises might deteriorate. 

  • Adjust the desk height to have your elbows bent at the angle of 90 degrees when working;
  • The wrists shall be placed in the most natural position;
  • The monitor centre shall be at the level of your eyes;
  • The desk height shall allow you to keep your knees slightly bent for better balancing.

Do not expect that when you buy a motorized desk, all your health problems will be solved. The item creates all the needed conditions to become healthier and fitter while working but in the very end, it depends on you whether you can use all the benefits. 


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