Pets have slowly morphed into family members over the last few years, and some might even say to the point of becoming status symbols. No longer just the galloping greeter in your home at the end of the day, many pets are all-day companions whose mode of conveyance and fashion sense are on a par with their pedigrees.


It’s a pet lifestyle that has developed from the high-level pampering given to pets by many celebrities, creating a popularity for the animal that often rivals the owner’s. The pets have social media accounts, product lines, and cameos on TV and in music videos. So the question is, why wouldn’t they look like celebrities?


And why can’t your pet? You don’t have to be a millionaire to have a pet that looks like a millionaire’s pet. Forget the dime-store collars and cardboard beds. It’s time for your pet to live high on the hog. Here’s how.


Track Your Friend…

Who hasn’t spent a few hours wandering around the neighborhood, searching for a dog that escaped from the vet’s waiting room or a cat that scampered during fireworks? The anxiety that results from this experience is overwhelming for pet families, but fortunately, it’s now avoidable.

The popularity of dogs for hunting has brought about developments like the Garmin DriveTrack 71 GPS dog tracker for trucks, which lets hunters track down those meandering hounds from the cab of a pickup truck. The same units can help you locate Fifi on Park Avenue, so there’s never a need to wonder where they wander.


Bling Her Out…

Or him. You can’t just take your pet outside the house in an ordinary collar. You have to provide your pet with something that makes a statement. Rhinestones, faux diamonds, studded leather, or whatever makes the most sense for your pet.


This has some practical value, too. How many black Labs are out there in a given neighborhood? And don’t some dogs lose their ID tags? The answers are “a lot” and “yes”, and a great way to keep from having a problem identifying your dog is to have a truly unique collar on him or her. And as far as that goes, a sweater or a hat would help, too.


Get Her Fed…

Forget the bargain-store food on a paper plate. You have to feed your pet like royalty if you want it to act like royalty. Today, there are countless brands of gourmet pet food on the market that are designed to reduce hairballs in cats, reduce kidney problems in dogs, and improve the sheen of fur for either species.


You can’t pour quality food like that into a cheap bowl, either. You need something durable, clean, and personalized so that there is no mistaking who is the intended diner for this evening’s offerings.


…And Send Her to Bed


Every parent has bought an expensive toy for a child, only to see him or her play more with the box than its contents. To some extent, pets are the same way; they’ll pretty well hit the hay on whatever they consider to be the hay.


However, a well-chosen bed that really appeals to your furry friend will soon prove so appealing that the area rug or the foot of the bed will no longer suffice for Her Majesty or His Lordship. Instead, your pet will sleep in a comfortable bed designed just for the pet’s size and style.


There’s no point in pretending that a pet is just an animal that happens to live at your house. It’s part of your family and should be treated like it. Your furry friend–or even a scaly or feathered one–deserves to be protected, clothed, fed, and housed in a way that will ensure that he or she receives at least as much joy in life from you as you receive from him or her.


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