If you are traveling to Southeast Asia, then you will want to make sure that you have as much planned out as possible. If you don’t then you may find that you end up making mistakes and that you also miss out on various sight-seeing opportunities too.


The buses in Southeast Asia remain to be the best way for you to travel across short distances. Not all of them have proper ventilation, and sometimes you may end up going through a lot of mud but if you are a backpacker then you should know that this is all part of the experience. If you are overwhelmed at the mere thought of booking transport then Bookaway is an absolutely fantastic option. They give you the chance to compare options, while also helping you to find the best method of travel.


The airlines in this region are relatively cheap and they are the best way for you to travel very long distances. If you are on a tight schedule, then you should know that airlines are very reliable and there are often multiple routes for you to choose from. Domestic carriers will often get you to where you need to go for under $70 USD. You should keep in mind that flights are often not restricted to capital cities and that they are often way cheaper than this if you are willing to be flexible. Sometimes it may be that you need to go on a roundabout route to access a destination for cheaper, but either way, you should never have a problem in getting from A to B.


Train travel in southeast Asia is remarkably doable. You should note that the trains can be limited to certain times, however, and they are much more expensive when compared to traveling by bus. That being said, you will be able to take advantage of air conditioning, comfortable seating, and even bathrooms too. If you take a route that is less touristy then you may see trains that have missing windows and wooden seats, so if this is not something that you think you could tolerate then make sure that you look up your provider in advance.

Some places don’t get train services at all. That being said, Thailand has one of the best networks and you can often take a direct route to some of the other major cities too. When you take the train, you will see parts of the country that cannot be seen any other way and it’s faster too. The best way for you to have the best experience when taking the train would be for you to do your research way in advance. When you do, you can then make sure that you get the best booking and that you also get a great deal. The options you are given will often depend on the route you’re taking and the amount of time you’re willing to spend traveling.




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