The DLX team recently had the opportunity to stay in Las Vegas‘ grand Venetian and Palazzo Hotels. Relaxing Gondola rides, decadent food, grandeur, and lavish lifestyle were our expectations from the beginning of our trip. We experienced the hot Asian fusion that is Tao and tried the new, family-oriented fine-dining restaurant, Buddy Vs. Both restaurants did not fail to live up to the Vegas expectations. The food was mesmerizing, the presentation was acute, and the hotel was spectacular. We’d like to share what it feels like to relax and enjoy the spa treatments. 

The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel are like no other.

We enjoyed their treasures from the sea; the lobster wagyu, salmon sashimi roll, and spicy tuna on crispy rice at TAO


A giant buddha is the focal point of the restaurant. TAO is a staple in Vegas nightlife and culture.

The crispiness from the jumbo shrimp left us with a mesmerizing crunch after every bite. 


One of our personal favorites was the short rib. Each bite was delicate with flavor and tantalized our tastebuds. 


This was their giant fortune cookie, sprinkled lightly with sugar and a creamy chocolate filling. It was heavenly. 


You cannot go wrong with the mixed dessert entree. The doughnuts took the cake for us; so simple, yet so savory. 


On our second day, we had Buddy V’s. The Cake Boss sure knows how to make his presence known. 

Any sweet tooth lovers out there? We think we found your paradise. 

These are edible showpieces. 

Buddy V’s is a grand restaurant in typical Las Vegas fashion. The interior is dressed to impress for ultimate comfort and a bustling ambiance.

We love the open kitchen.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Setorii with Executive Chef, Bryan Forgione, for the evening. He welcomed us like family. 

Then he fed us until we couldn’t move. Ham, cheese, anti pastas, Panzanella salads…

The grilled octopus was delicately served with fennel, fingerling potato, and orange salad in a spicy tomato broth. 


The meatball dish was braised and incredible. The colors and flavor sparkled like the 4th of July. This was the hit of the night. 

The pasta was perfectly seasoned and the orange, pink cream smothered our taste buds. 

This was the seafood lovers galore. This is the Mother-in-Law’s capellini shrimp scampi with roasted tomato, spinach, garlic and white wine. 

This meal would not be complete without our waiter. He was hilarious, caring, and made the night special. We enthusiastically recommend Georgio as your server. He lives and breathes hospitality. 

You can’t go to Buddy V’s and not have the dessert. The gelato and brownie cream was rich. Buddy V’s XL Lobster Tail through us in for a loop. It was the icing to our trip. 


What’s your favorite restaurant in the Venetian? Let us know below!

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