Have a guitarist friend whose birthday is coming up this weekend, and you’re still unsure what to gift him? Here’s a list of cool items that you can gift.

Delay Pedals: A delay pedal is a great tool for guitarists. It can be used to record and playback music to produce a slapback effect. Click here to check out the best delay pedal with great reviews. Delay pedals are very useful for guitarists, and anyone will be happy to receive it as a gift.

Guitar Strap: Fancy looking customized guitar straps are very popular among guitarists nowadays. Straps are economical and durable. It looks fancy and is a good utility.

Customized picks: Guitar picks are part and parcel of a guitarist’s life. Many of them are quite particular about their picks and refuse to lend their picks to others. Guitar picks are great gifts as they will be quite close to the guitarist’s heart. You can customize a pick with an image or a quote. It will be quite inexpensive and easy on the wallet.

Cover Bag: Guitar cover bags will be an asset to any guitarist. It protects the guitar, helps in transportation, and provides storage for other guitar accessories. There are quite a few good quality guitar bags around. You can choose a good one based on reviews and on the preferences of the person who will use it.

Music themed Tshirt: What better gift can there be for a music lover than a T-shirt with a music theme, preferably with guitar designs on it. You can find them easily in any online store, and they are easy on the pocket.

Guitar cleaning kit: Guitars like any other instrument get dirty and need maintenance. Guitars need to be cleaned regularly to keep them in good shape and to keep up their performance. A cleaning kit will be of great assistance to any guitarist.

Guitar multi-kit: A multi-kit means a great deal to any guitar player. It’s the perfect multi-tool for guitar maintenance. It consists of 11 essential guitar setup tools, including hex wrenches, a spanner, screwdrivers, and a ruler.

Guitar Amplifier: An amplifier is an electronic device that strengthens the weak electronic signals from a source. Having a good amplifier is very important for any guitarist as amplifiers play a key part in defining the signature sound of a musician. This gift, albeit a bit costly, will be a boon for any guitarist.

Recording microphone: This is the age of social media, and any musician would love to have himself heard by the masses. Using social media as a platform, a guitarist can record music and spread it to the world. A good recording microphone is of great help to such a budding star. It ensures that the quality of your voice is maintained in tugged recordings.

That’s the list I could come up with. I hope this list helped you in finding the perfect gift for your guitarist friend.

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