Written by Wendy Diamond.

Animal Fair Media’s Wendy Diamond recently took an enchanted trip to Galapagos Island on an Ecoventurayacht named Letty and she can’t stop talking about the incredible experience. For over 20 years Ecoventurahas provided adults and families memorable and safe seven-day trips that include up-close wildlife encounters, nature walks, snorkeling, kayaking, and zodiac tours! Wendy especially enjoyed the tours with the expert naturalists that shared knowledge about the endangered species on Galapagos Island, and what’s being done to protect different species from going extinct.

Animal Fair Media's Wendy Diamond gets up close to an endangered Iguana.

The Ecoventura fleet of four expedition vessels consists of three identical superior first-class 20-passenger motor yachts named Eric, Flamingo & Letty and the 16-passenger luxury dive live-aboard, MV Galapagos Sky. Their culinary school trained chefs serve locally sourced and exquisite tasting gourmet style menus, featuring both international and Ecuadorian specialties.


Ecoventura created the Galapagos Marine Biodiversity Fund in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund in support of marine conservation by strengthening the local communities’ ability to manage natural resources. Ecoventura supports Ecology Project International through scholarships for local high-school students to study conservation directly in the field and ecology-related issues.

Ecoventura will guide you to one of the very most picturesque places on the planet; Galapagos Archipielago. It’s known for being an enchanting and vastly different environment for unique plants and animals. Charles Darwin conducted many studies here, and with all the tremendously unique species, it is no wonder why. Any animal lover that wants to explore an environment so very different from their own would find bliss in this land ruled by the animals.

As an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galapagos are well protected and conserved. These volcanic islands are a gorgeous travel destination, but be sure you do so responsibly! Get involved before your trip with the Galapagos Conservation Trust and learn about the different endangered animals that you can help by donating before you go see them!

Five million years ago, volcanoes erupted underwater creating the magical environment in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador. Many, many years later, an explorer and evolutionary researcher named Charles Darwin (ever heard of him?) stepped foot on the island to examine the unique species that played a big role in his publications about the modern concept of evolution. To this day, the solitariness of the islands has allowed for one-of-a-kind species to coexist in this otherworldly land. See for yourself!


Galapagos tortoises are the biggest kind of tortoise in the world!

Galapagos tortoises – These extraordinary creatures are one of the main tourist attractions of the Galapagos. They can weigh over 700 pounds and they live to be almost 200 years old!


Marine iguanas defy regular reptile expectations of being land-dwellers

Marine iguanas – Here is a perfect example of a species that over time, carried on the genes that were necessary for adaptation and survival. What makes these critters so unique is that they have the ability to forage and live in the sea: a quality entirely unique to them among reptiles.

Galapagos penguins, like other kinds, mate for life

Galapagos penguin – Penguins normally live very far south, and the Galapagos are just north of the equator… what’s up with that? These penguins are the only variety suited to living this far north!


The blue pigment is due to their diet!

Blue-footed boobies – Just as you would expect, these fellas have a very distinctive feature: blue feet! They know their feet are gorgeous; their mating ritual centers around showing ‘em off! Take a look for yourself.



Galapagos Island Seal Lions – There are approximately 50,000 Sea Lions that are protected on Galapagos Island.  The biggest Sea Lion conservation threat is El Nino; which can result in large numbers being killed and females not wanting to mate and reproduce.

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Animal Fair Media‘s Wendy Diamond sealed the conservation deal by having a roll in the sand with some very friendly Galapagos Island Seal Lions.


Getting excited about your dream destination? Well hold off your tail wagging for just one minute! In order to get to the islands, you must first go through mainland Ecuador. Fly into the Guayaquil airport and stay at the Hotel Oro Verde where you will enjoy top of the line care and service. Stay at the mainland for a couple of days and soak in the culture and life-loving vibe that is Ecuador! After you’ve had your adventure around the islands, make sure you come back for some reflection time on the mainland before you leave.



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Animal Fair Media’s Wendy Diamond hanging with a very large giant tortoise in the Santa Cruz Galapagos Giant Tortoise Reserve – Rancho Primicias; which 3500 endangered tortoises call home.


Head off on your own animal-filled adventure cruise with Ecoventura – the top name in sustainable travel in the Galapagos. You won’t have to dig through the sand to find treasure here; every living thing you see is unlike any you are familiar with, and the memories you will make are priceless! In fact, try not to disturb the environment, for it is truly one of a kind and it is in enough peril already.


Take your efforts even further than simply not making a negative impact… make a positive one! Check out the organizations that Ecoventura supports and donate, donate, donate! If you’ve been even more inspired than you expected you’d be, look into the options of how you can help the Galapagos Conservation Fundeven more! In fact, you can even adopt and support an endangered species.
Safe travels and happy saving and conserving!

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