One of the interior trends which continues to prove popular and can add a healthy dose of luxury and style to any home is the industrial home decor style. This unique style can create a cosy and rustic feel through the use of imperfections and raw materials along with modern elements. 

Why Industrial is Popular

The industrial home decor style may not seem like a luxury aesthetic but it can actually look fantastic and create a welcoming atmosphere which is so important when designing a room. The industrial home decor style is proving to be popular because it is unique with a stripped back feel, it feels special unlike more traditional styles and it creates a striking look. Not only this, but this interior design style can last a lifetime and uses sustainably sourced materials which is so important in today’s day and age.

Creating Balance

The key to mastering this intriguing style is finding the right balance between old and new. Industrial pieces like brick walls, wooden floor and metal furniture will only work well if the space also contains modern features like a cream sofa and a marble kitchen counter. It is best to opt for a neutral colour palette with this interior design style which can help to create a muted, calm and clean look. You can create contrast with the use of natural materials like metal, brick and stone but bold injections of colour do not suit this style.

Space & Light

Additionally, space and light are crucial when designing rooms as you will want to maximize natural light and make sure that there is enough space to move around freely. In terms of artificial lighting, there are many great industrial-style options to consider which can set the tone for the room. A few good options include metal floor lamps, pendant lighting and chandeliers can work well.

Big & Small Features

It can be hard to know how to incorporate the industrial interior design trend into your home but there are a few tips and tricks. You will need to shop around for industrial-style furniture items, such as a chest of drawers from somewhere like Cox & Cox and then find ways to balance this. Bigger items like this need to be balanced with smaller items to create harmony so you then need to think about a small coffee table elsewhere in the room.

 The industrial home decor style is one which has exploded in popularity in recent times and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. This is because it can look fantastic and highly stylish while retaining a sense of style and personality. It is a look which can be difficult to master but hopefully this information will help you to bring this style into your home and create an attractive, welcoming and functional space.

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