Selling a property is tougher than ever lately. Due to things like Brexit, many people are purposefully being more frugal with their spending, especially in this market. Consequently, it’d have to take a very special opportunity for someone to pack up and switch homes, one chance that’s too good to pass up!

Therefore, you’ll have to do a lot here to help your property sell quickly. But what strategies can you employ?

Consequently, here’re some tips to help you sell your property faster. 

Clean up!

When facing a big job, always start with the basics. You can’t move a muscle in the property arena until the property you’re selling is in a liveable state. Remember, what works for you may well not work for others. You can make sure that everything is tucked away in storage, like shelves and cupboards, that floors and surfaces are clear, gardens are maintained, and that there’s no traces of dirt and grime anywhere inside. 

If you make sure everything is immaculate, you’ll stand a much better chance of impressing anyone undertaking viewings. They’ll know that the property has been looked after and assume a history of close care and flawless functionality of the home. Thereafter, they’ll be perfectly poised to take the keys! 

Design and décor 

Once everything is tidy, you then have the space necessary to carry out a DIY project or two. Repaint all your walls, replace flooring into certain rooms, and overall rejuvenate your home. If you update the home in this way, you’ll once again communicate to any potential buyers that the property has received regular attention. 

Try to aim for something reasonably neutral, as it’s quite likely that any buyers will redecorate the place themselves after they’ve moved in. If you paint the walls in bold colours, it’ll be more work for them to paint over it. Go for light and neutral colour schemes, and an overall aesthetic that will please everyone to some degree. After all, if the property has an overwhelming sense of character, potential buyers may not see themselves inhabiting the space at all. 

Advertise local area

Selling property isn’t always about the property itself, as bizarre as that might seem! Also, try to consider playing up the local area in all your listings. Are their good schools nearby? Could there be nearby pubs, clubs, restaurants and parks? What shops and facilities are easily visited? These factors can all play a huge part in turning viewers into buyers. 

Remember, people don’t just want a nice home; they want a complete, well-rounded life. What’s around and nearby the house is just as important as what’s in it, as few people want to live in complete solitude and isolation. Make sure your local area gets its fair dues in all your advertisements, and you’ll be boosting your property prospects! 


When it comes to selling your property, start with the basics and then start to think outside the box. Beginning with cleanliness and DIY will get you off to a strong start, and thereafter you can start pitching unique selling points about the local area in your listings. Once all of this is done, selling your property will be an achievable possibility instead of a pipedream in the current climate. 

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