If you are a mountain biker and own a pickup truck, tailgate pad is a must required product for you. It is used to shuttle people and bikes up to the mountain and trail ahead. Transporting bikes on rough roads may cause them easy damage. Thus, the tailgate pads are made of foam for the protection of your vehicle.

It is also a handy way to carry multiple bikes together in an organized manner. Every tailgate is different and there is a vast variety available today. Before buying an appropriate product for your vehicle, you should consider the following points.

●   Cost

Cost is the most crucial factor while buying a tailgate pad. There is a wide range of cost in which these products are available. Depending on the size, shape and the brand of product, the price is determined. Rather than going for the most expensive one, keep in mind the product requirements.

There are numerous reliable online platforms readily available to help you buy an affordable tailgate pad. Investing an unnecessary amount of money on the product should be stayed clear of. On the other hand, cheaper products may also prove to be unworthy in the longer run. Therefore, your requirements should always dictate your preferences.

●   Shape and size

When it comes to buying tailgate pads, the size does matter and that too in a big way. This is essentially important because the tailgate pad needs to fit in perfectly to your vehicle so that it is ensured that you can set it easily and perfectly every time it is needed.

As tailgate pads come in a variety of shapes, getting the appropriate and perfect shape is also important. You would certainly not intend to end up having something which will make carrying your bike or surfboard impossible. Thus, to know the perfect shape of your tailgate pad, you need to understand what do you require it for. Look out for the different kinds of shapes available and make an informed choice. Going blindly after the most popular or trendy products might end you up with undesirable results.

●   Usability and comfort

Usability and comfort should be your foremost considerations. This is essential to ensure that the installation process of the pad doesn’t become a headache every time you require it. It should take minimum time and supervision to be used.

Therefore, do sufficient research before landing to any decisions. You can use the reviews available online to distinguish between products. Compare multiple products and brands to enable you to find the best suitable one for yourself. Though most websites offer returning facilities for the products, certainly avoiding all that hassle is a preferable option.

Counter shopping can also be a great option in this situation. It offers you to figure out the usage of the product closely before investing your money in it.

●   Durability

There is a high diversity in the material that is used to manufacture tailgate pads. It might come as a difficult decision to choose the best among the wide range. Suggestively, polyester and nylon are good options to buy, as they are resilient and robust.

While shopping, do remember to pay extra attention to the material used for the seams. This is essentially being said as the seams are the first ones to break down. Thus, ruining the whole product. Counter shopping will help you ensure this better.

●   Maintenance and other consideration

Along with paying attention to the cost price of the device, also keep in mind the recurring costs. For shorter trips, tailgate pads come super handy. However, everyone might not prefer it for long drives. This happens because of the abrasion caused by the pad on the vehicles.

The pressure that the pad puts on the downtube might result in its damage in the longer run. If you are worried about that, wipe off your downtube before placing the bike. Also, users can use a piece of the frame saver tape at the point where the downtube is in touch with the pad.

To prevent your tailgate from wearing, you can even add pipe insulation. Pool noodles can also be used on the bike for more protection.

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