When was the last time you spent some quality time with your partner?

Taking each other for granted can have a harmful effect on your relationship, which is why it’s important to keep the spark alive in your marriage by introducing different interesting activities.

You’ve probably noticed that everyday mundane tasks and problems tend to suck the life out of both you and your partner, and sometimes it’s hard to be enthusiastic about anything else other than crawling into your bed, with a bag of crisps or a pint of ice cream.

But, any marriage needs nourishing and investing a lot of energy into making things work, so here are some ideas on how to jazz things up and add a little zest to your marriage routine.

Make a Bucket List

A good way, to begin with, is by making a bucket list together. Everyday life takes its toll, and couples often forget to have a decent conversation and check on each other interests, wishes, and desires, let alone support each other in making them come true. Set some time aside to make a list of all the things you would love to do and enjoy together. Think about all the travel destinations you would like to visit or favorite bands you would like to see play live. Planning these things can be a ton of fun, and you can even learn more things about each other along the way.

Work Out a Sweat

Engaging in physical activity together can be a great way to boost the wellbeing of both partners, but their relationship too. During an exercise, endorphins will give you an adrenaline rush, having a positive effect on desire. This is especially true for activities that get your heart rate up, so you can try couple running, biking or hiking, where your adrenaline arousal can easily be shifted towards your partner, adding passion to your relationship. If running is your thing, setting a goal such as participating in a race or a marathon can add extra value, as you can make your weekly training plans together and support and encourage each other, recreating an emotional bond.

Switch Off the Phone

The truth is, we tend to spend more time browsing our phones than with our partners. Even when they are right next to each other, couples can feel as they are worlds apart. All those pillow talks and conversations couples used to have during meals, or in their leisure or windshield time, are broken by smartphone interference, with almost no signs of intimate and deep talks. This is a phenomenon called technoference, and try to escape its negative impacts on your marriage by finding a day in a week or a month when you could both switch off your cells for a day and focus on each other for a change.

Have a Self Care Routine

One of the best ways to recharge and reconnect with your partner is by having your own self-care routine together. You can make it your weekly wellbeing ritual, and schedule a time for it in advance, so you can think of ways to make it a bit different and a bit more enjoyable, every time you do it. 

Start by putting their favorite relaxation music on, and create just the right atmosphere with the right lighting. by placing a few aromatherapy candles in your room. Even if you’re not a trained masseur, you can do wonders for your significant other. Start with the foot massage, and then move on to their hands, head, and scalp, focusing on the important reflexology points of their body.


You can get a sense of adventure back to your marriage by visiting different destinations together. Make plans for visiting your favorite location and have fun making the plan come true. But don’t focus on distant and expensive journeys only, because even a daily trip to a place you’ve never visited before will help you break the boring routine of everyday chores. If you’re a daring and adventurous type, you can also add the activity you’ve never engaged in before, such as bungee jumping or jumping out of the plane, to spice it up.

Play Games

Although playing video games is often attributed to kids, young adults, and bachelors, this can be a fun way for couples to relax and unwind together. Playing a video game you both enjoy, such as racing each other or having a Mortal Kombat style fight, can bring you many laughs, decrease your daily stress levels and help you reconnect. Other games can have a similar effect too, such as picture games or romantic scrabble, or you can use them to warm things up in your bedroom with the game of Truth or Dare.

Choose the activity you enjoy doing together, and try making a ritual out of them. You’ll notice how your communication and your marriage will change for the better.


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