The Island of Paros, Greece is known for its gorgeous hilly landscape, pristine beaches, dainty boats lining the coast and chalk-white traditional houses.  The perfect holiday destination.   And what better way to enjoy the island than to rent an exclusive luxury villa – Villa Orian.  Perched high on top of the hills, enjoy the most wonderful visual tour of the island.  And after a day’s sightseeing, relax and unwind in what you can easily call your second home.

Villa Orian is a perfect example of Cycladic architecture combined with modern luxury.  Located high in the hills with an overlooking view of the eastern coast, it gives one a serene feeling.  Then sit back and pamper yourself with the luxury that you deserve.

Let this immaculate villa offer you: 


  • Tranquility – If you want peace and quiet, or just be close to nature, then this is the villa for you. The property rests snugly on top of a hill, offering a picturesque view of the surrounding area.  The exquisite infinity pool looks out to the surrounding hilly area. Spacious terraces and lots of open spaces give one a sense of serenity and ideal for solitude and meditation.  Have a leisurely walk in its very own fruit orchard or just around the lands.  Even the kitchen and dining table have a view of the pool outside.


  • Comfort – The layout of the property has been set up with the guests’ comfort in mind. A single level villa with accessible rooms makes it easy for guests of all ages.  The bedrooms, kitchens, and baths are fully equipped for your use.   It has all the amenities you would need: air-condition and heater, WiFi and internet, TV entertainment system, and round the clock reception service.


  • Beauty – Immerse yourself with Grecian beauty and culture with this splendid 375m/s house by the famous architect Kostas Gouzelis. Warm interior decorations inspired by Parian design and carefully selected furniture and accents both modern and antique in designs.


  • Luxury – Experience luxurious home living it at its finest. With its spacious living room with a view of the sea, elegant bathrooms, sun terrace, infinity pool, outdoor and indoor kitchen and dining areas, BBQ area, a cozy fireplace, even a private room with a romantic terrace view — enjoy snuggling up with your loved ones, free of any worries.


  • Accessibility – As wonderfully secluded as the villa may sound, it is actually quite accessible and that makes sightseeing the island even more enjoyable. Villa Orian is just 7km from Naousa village and 9km from Santa Maria beach.  Convenient indeed.


These points certainly make the villa very appealing that you’d want to try it out yourself.





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