The brain is magical and can be stimulated in so many ways. If you’ve ever felt tired when you’re riding on a train, the repetitive chug chug of the wheels is luring you to sleepiness. This acts as a signal to your brain to relax and sleep. What if I told you that you can send signals to your brain to relax, mediate, sleep, reduce pain, or wake up? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


The Neorythm is a device that you wear on the front or back of your head to stimulate the brain and induce sleep, relaxation, focus, energy or deep meditation. Your brain responds to certain frequencies when stimulated.

For instance, when you sleep, your brain emits low frequency waves known as theta waves. NeoRhythm’s Improve Sleep program emits a dominant 4hz theta frequency that is accompanied by a 2.67hz delta frequency. The brain synchronizes with these frequencies, which creates an optimal environment for the body to enter a deep, regenerative sleep.


The Neorythm uses PEMF therapy to be a non-invasive, entirely safe way to encourage our brain to mimic external signals provided by a device. The PEMF field has been thoroughly studied through the years and is proven to be a safe and non-invasive way to approach chronic or acute pain and brain health. NeoRhythm uses PEMF technology at frequencies that happen in nature and are not disruptive, meaning your body knows how to handle them.

The device connects to an app in your phone via bluetooth. You have the option of starting the following programs:  enhance mental capacity, energy and vitality, deep relaxation, improve sleep, pain control, meditation theta and meditation calming and synchronization. Once the program is connected, it will tell you what part of the head to put the device. You control the amount of time you are using the device for.


The Neorythm is portable and easy to use. It uses a microUSB to charge and you can take it with you anywhere. I like to use it particularly when I’m working. If i’m doing work on my computer, it puts me into a deep state of concentration. In fact, I’m using it right now as I’m writing the article.

The other program I use every night is the sleep function. You put the NeoRythm beneath your pillow, turn on the program and it emits the sleep frequency for a full 8 hours. I’ve noticed that my dreams and more vivid and my sleep quality is so much better. I wake up with a ton of energy and I’m ready to start my day.


I love this device because its simple and easy to use. Once you buy it, you can use it over and over again. This is a wonderful replacement to sleeping pills, coffee, redbull, caffeine pills and a lot of the unhealthy things that our Western culture encourages. There are so many applications for this device and I can’t wait to use it when I start traveling!


For more information, visit OmniPEMF.


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