Traveling is not just experience it is a lesson of life. Traveling allows us to explore and witness something unseen every time we step out of our comfort zone. It not only helps us to diversify our perspective of looking at life but it also makes tracks for a sense of locality and moral reasoning. Nicholas Roerich in one of his books quoted “Nothing enriches you more than a journey”!


As exciting and amazing it feels to travel, the experience of traveling becomes even more enjoyable if you get to do it without spending a penny. You might be wondering is it possible to travel without spending money? Yes, it is. You can travel for free without worrying about your budget and finances by making use of the best air miles credit cards.


Credit cards these days come with a bundle of perks and offers. Choosing the right credit card and making use of it to make payments will get you to reward points that can be used to travel for free. Even if you can’t travel absolutely free you can save a lot of money.


Now the question arises on how to choose the right travel credit card to fund your next trip? Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll be sharing important tips and tricks that will help you to travel for free using the best air miles credit card.


Getting a Travel Credit Card

Typically in order to qualify for a nice travel credit card, you must have a good credit rating. However, many credit card providers offer travel credit cards on a mediocre credit rating as well. Experts recommend credit card seeks should emphasize and improve their credit rating to extract maximum benefit of best air miles credit card.


Travel credit cards are mainly classified into two categories i.e. general-purpose travel credit cards and specific purpose travel credit cards. General-purpose travel credit cards are meant to pay high rewards on all types of travel-related purchases whereas specific purpose credit cards pay high reward points on purchases with a specific type of airline or hotel. Very often frequent flyers of a particular airline have the option of choosing a brand-specific credit card. Contrary to this if you are somebody who tends to make a lot of travel-related purchases then generic credit cards would be better for you.


It is not necessary to stick to a particular travel credit card. Best air mile credit card seekers should explore and experiment with different credit cards and providers to find the card that is most suitable for them. Furthermore using more than one travel credit card helps you to accumulate more reward points that would eventually save a lot of your money.

Credit card seekers should focus on getting a card that does not have capping on your earned rewards. You should look for perks and offers that will allow you to save money while traveling such as no transaction fees outside native jurisdiction, no baggage handling fees, complimentary meals, companion tickets, etc.


Tips to fund your Travel using Credit Card Rewards 

Pay for all Travel related Purchases using your Credit Card

The first and foremost tip to fund your travel using credit card reward points is to make more and more travel related purchases using your credit card. Making travel-related purchases via credit card will help you to earn more reward points which can be used later to fund your travel. Moreover, the best air mile credit card seekers should be well aware of their reward program to maximize the earned rewards.


Earn and use the Sign-up Bonus

Many credit card providers offer lucrative sign-up bonuses in order to increase their sales in the market. Typically users can earn the sign-up bonus by spending a specific amount within the time frame of ninety days. The correct approach here is to choose a credit card that comes with a minimum threshold that is low enough that you don’t struggle in making repayments. Try to cross the threshold expenditure barrier as soon as possible because it approximately takes four to six weeks for the reward points to be credited into your account.


Join the Loyalty Program

The majority of airlines and hotels offer loyalty programs that provide reward points for your airline bookings and stays at hotels. Integrating loyalty program along with air miles credit card reward points can help you to save a lot of money while traveling. Travelers should ensure that they use their reward points during bookings in order to maximize their savings.


Consistently booking flight tickets from a particular airline will increase your rating as a customer in the airline’s database. Once you have a high customer rating airline will offer more and more offers that will allow you to fly from one place to another almost for free.


Transfer you points between programs

Once you’ve managed to earn a considerable amount of reward points you can merge them and use them in a single program and use it to fund your next trip. Cardholders should transfer the points in a balanced way so that they can use the points in the future for upcoming trips as well. Furthermore, air mile credit cardholders should go through the information before transferring points from one program to another program. Some credit card providers deduct some points if the card owner transfers them from one program to another program.


Make Timely Payments to avoid Wastage of your Reward Points

The most important factor in terms of responsible credit card usage is making timely payments. Being punctual in making credit card repayments not only saves your reward points from being forfeit but also improves your credit score. With every late payment card, owners tend to some of the hard-earned reward points that can be utilized later to fund a vacation or trip.



Traveling using air miles credit card is an amazing way to pursue your passion or hobby without worrying about the financial aspect. You might need more than one credit card to accumulate enough travel rewards to fund your vacations. Opting for multiple travel credit cards not only helps to accumulate more reward points but it also helps to diversify your rewards that turn to be very useful.


Making use of travel credit cards to fund your travel if you struggle with debts may not be the best idea of all time. However, if you a responsible credit card user then you should definitely consider using a credit card to und your travel.  


About the Author: 

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