There’s no doubt that your jewelry selection makes or breaks your outfit. The question is, does all your jewelry work for every occasion? The answer is, sometimes, but more likely than not, you’ll need to switch up your accessories to fit the occasion at hand.  Like whether it is a formal event or casual hangout with friends, whether it is a day time event or night out, whether it’s your wedding or you are going to attend someone’s wedding. Only then you would be able to choose the appropriate jewelry piece to wear. In this article, I have mentioned the jewelry guide to wear on four basic types of occasions. I hope you would get a fair idea to wear suitable jewelry for attending different types of occasions.

Vacation Days

Everyone needs a few days off, and if you have family nearby, you’ll want to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The jewelry you decide to bring on vacation is truly dependent on where you’ll be heading. If you’re going for sunshine and salty hair, consider bringing some light, colorful items. Bring things like earrings and rings that are more likely to stay on when you go for a dip in the ocean. Make sure to take off any jewelry that can fall off before going for a swim, since you definitely won’t be finding it at the bottom of the ocean! If you’re going on a road trip, consider jewelry like a watch and a cute necklace, since you won’t have to worry about these items getting lost or falling off in the car! If your vacation is taking you into the mountains for snow, you’ll want to avoid rings since you’ll be wearing gloves!

Casual Social Gatherings

If you’re planning an evening out with your friends, family, or colleagues, you can dress up your casual outfit with some bling, or keep it minimal depending on where you’ll be going. Take an understandable approach and look for impressive jewelry to make your outfit standout. For instance, if you have decided to wear a simple top with jeans then a minimal delicate necklace with a pair of matching earnings is a pleasant option. Moreover, if you want to go all black for the night out then statement jewelry like hoops or solid chokers are my personal favorites.

Formal Occasions

The formal events include annual dinner parties, corporate lunches, fundraising events, galas, wedding, and engagement parties. You would want to look all classy and elegant at such events. It’s right time for you to show off your costly jewelry pieces. But still, it is advisable to avoid crazy jewelry to maintain balanced look. You can wear two piece jewelry items with elegant rings made of valuable stones or pearls. You can also go for lab created diamond rings to achieve a confident look. Diamonds are girl’s best friend. If you are planning your own wedding, then adding diamond jewelry with your wedding gown will steal everyone attention at the event.

Business Days

For a casual work day, I would suggest you to go for minimalistic look to leave a lasting impression. You don’t want to look too loud when meeting with the potential clients. To give your outfit an extra boost, you can go with sophisticated accessories like small-sized earnings, chain necklace, or wrist watch. Likewise, you do not have to go over the top with your jewelry for job interview. A couple of simple jewelry items will do well. Generally, it is a good idea to keep your expensive items for formal events and not to wear on routine basis.















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