Trekking, as an adventurous activity, need not require a formal introduction. Millions of tourists from across the globe flock to Manaslu every year in the hunt of adrenaline boost that here bestow. However, if it’s your first time planning to explore a prominent trek like Manaslu, things can get overwhelming.

Do you want to experience the jaw-dropping view of some of the highest peaks in the world? Welcome to Kathmandu. Manaslu Circuit Trek is the answer; the view alone will make the trek worthwhile. The challenging routes, the rich culture, along with flora and fauna of the region, will leave you wanting more. Here’s all you need to know about Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Why Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Starting from Soti Khola and ending at Beshi Sahar, it is a 14-day trek. It takes you around the natural beauty of the carved lowlands of rice cultivation, valleys, amazing waterfalls, and mountains. The trek is considered tougher than Everest, hence experiences a lesser number of trekkers due to its physically demanding routes. The snow-covered Larky La Pass, 5167 meters above the sea, is the highest point on the trek. Enjoy the stupendous view of some of the highest peaks in the world, including Cheo Hemal, Nemjung, Kang Guru, to name a few.

You will come across the inhabitants and experience the diversity of the ethnic groups that include both Nepalese and Tibetan. Natural beauty is surely spellbound, but the wildlife in the region works as an elixir too. If you are lucky enough, you might see a Snow Leopard, among Mountain Goat (Tahr), Blue Sheep (Agali), and Pika. Bottom line: Manaslu is one of the best treks in Nepal.

You can dive deep into the beauty Manaslu Trek has to offer as this video depicts its aspects and showcases why it’s so much hyped among tourists.

Best time to visit: April and May

Transport and Accommodation

Located on the northwest of Kathmandu,  having no direct public bus to Soti Khola. It will take about 7 hours by bus to reach muddy Arughat. Roads are smooth only till Dhading Beshi, here onwards, the path gets bit rough, which only worsens between Arughat and Soti Khola. You can find mini buses or small jeeps to reach Soti Khola. While returning from Beshi Sahar, prefer the local buses with skillful drivers over private jeeps. It will take approximately a smooth 6 hours to reach Dharapani. From here, you’ll have to change your bus, and in another 7 hours, you’ll be in Kathmandu.

The trek is also known as the teahouse trek, as every night, you’ll be sleeping in a basic room with shared toilets. Also, there are common rooms with a fireplace for relaxing and eating. Most of them are run by local families of Nepal. Teahouse treks are the best, found almost whenever required, it helps you travel with as minimum gears as possible. Wi-Fi and charging outlets are also available.

Why do you need permits?

You will need three different area permits, namely Manaslu RAP, MCAP, and ACAP, as Manaslu Trek is in the restricted region of Nepal. This measure was taken by the government to control tourism in this region. In simple words, a trekking permit is needed to access this route of the trek.

Moreover, solo trekkers are not allowed. Hence, a minimum group of two is required, and they are supposed to have a local guide with them at all times. In addition to this, your permits should be generated from a registered agency and will cost you money. Don’t fall for people giving out these for free. Also, a separate permit will be required if you are planning for Tsum Valley.

Pack your bags. Head out for an adventure. Happy trekking!


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