Getting caught up in the relaxed, experiential travel lifestyle and enjoying good food and wine is obviously the point of a holiday, but too much of a good thing can make anyone feel a little bit sluggish. There’s a very simple solution, though – when you’re chartering a yacht, exercising and eating well allows you to not only feel better mentally, but this self-care also better prepares you for the regular physical rigours holidaying involves.  Many don’t know where to start, particularly if their gym is on the other side of the world, so to help steer you onto the right path we detail a few great tips to make you feel better and help your trip as rewarding as possible. 

Don’t forget your fitness regime

Although the temptation to see the next landmark, drink wine or engage in activities like jet skiing always looms, taking the time to stay on top of your fitness is crucial. Think of it as investing in yourself – spending a few minutes each day on fitness helps a great deal in keeping you more active in the long run. If you want to prepare properly and find a yacht with an onboard gym, you can use online digital chartering platforms like Ahoy Club to find superyachts with well-equipped facilities, but if you can’t spring for a gym on a yacht, or if there are none available near you, that’s still no excuse to not exercise. Yoga requires minimal space and is an excellent way to spend your downtime on the yacht, particularly as it offers a chance to unwind alongside its considerable fitness benefits. For more intensive fitness workouts, body weight training exercises can’t be beat. These include squats, lunges, planks push-ups and balancing poses – all of which are easy to execute, but tough to master!

Make sure you eat well

Fitness is important for staying healthy during chartering trips, but travelling to beautiful, unfamiliar locations has the obvious perk of providing access to incredible food. The flipside of this is that eating heavy foods and overindulging with alcohol regularly will soon have you feeling bloated and woozy (particularly the alcohol). Too much of this and you’ll soon have some valuable days stolen away from you for recovery. We absolutely do not recommend you stop eating beautiful food altogether, but balancing it with healthy, light meals every now and then is sure to help you feel more energetic. If you have a chef on the ship, perhaps ask them to prepare you organic, healthy foods and save your more luxurious eating for onshore. This way, you get all your nutrients while also being able to experience all of the exotic food you wish! Chefs will often offer menus specifically designed for detox and clean eating and certain dietary needs upon request, so absolutely make the most of this!

Minding your mind and body

Practicing common sense healthcare is the key to enjoying your time away on a superyacht, particularly if you intend on being out on the ocean for an extended period of time. This way, you can experience all of the gourmet goodness that comes with visiting locations in the Mediterranean, South East Asia or the Caribbean, while also feeling up to any grueling hikes that these beautiful locations might also offer. Plus, there’s the huge advantage of preventing sickness with a healthy diet replete with vitamins and minerals.

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