The online entertainment world is truly democratic and vast. Everyone with Internet access can use the same services, express their opinions, and access the same information. There is only a handful of online entertainment you can’t freely access when you are connected – like exclusive services and some very specific products. But most of the times the internet services’ goal is to be as widely accessible as possible.
Mandarin Oriental Exterior, Las Vegas ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT

Mandarin Oriental Exterior, Las Vegas

One exception is the case of the Royal Vegas Australia, where there is something reserved for the most loyal and generous members: VIP membership.
A VIP status at Royal Vegas is not something you can apply for to gain online entertainment. It is a status offered by the operator to its players based on the consistency of their activity and their ongoing activity. While being a VIP at the Royal Vegas Casino is not a very easy rank to achieve, it’s worth working for, as it comes with numerous benefits that money can’t buy. VIPs get their dedicated Hosts to handle their gaming needs and activity, as well as stronger incentives, exclusive tournaments, and other benefits. Additionally, they get invitations to events not available to the general public.
One trip that guests took on an Australian VIP excursion had their vacation taken care of through an invitation to an exclusive cruise aboard the Sun Princess, one of the best-known cruise ships to roam the Southern Seas. They visited New Caledonia, and the magnificent island of Lifou, before hitting the sun-kissed beaches of Gold Coast, Queensland. In November, they were invited to the Flemington Race course to witness the Melbourne Cup, the “race that stops the nation”.
In September, a handful of Royal Vegas VIPs were invited to join their hosts, Katharina and Jörn, at the famous Oktoberfest in Munich. The guests were outfitted with traditional German clothing on a shopping trip before the Marstall Festzelt, the most sought-after beer tent of the event.
Last February, VIP guests were invited to experience the Strip first hand during an exclusive trip to Las Vegas. With lodging at the Wynn Hotel, cocktails, fine dining and spa treatments, their visit was made unforgettable with a helicopter tour of the city. Next month the invitation went out to motor sports lovers, with a visit to the NASCAR Speedway in Vegas, this time with lodging at the Palazzo Resort Hotel.
And the list of exclusive events didn’t stop here. The Royal Vegas Casino has invited its VIPs to attend the Cricket World Cup Quarter Finals from an exclusive corporate suite, or experience early summer in the capital city of Germany, Berlin.
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