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1. When your pre-gaming party gets turnt real quick around the third shot.

2. When you catch your reflection in something and stop to check out how flawless your look for the night is.

3. When the bouncer won’t let you into the club because your friend pre-gamed too hard.

4. When you and your BFF are scoping the night’s prey.

5. When you’re trying to get your flirt on for a free drink.

6. When you stand up for the first time and the alcohol is too strong.

7. When a total first-rate hottie is hitting on you but you have a boyfriend at home.

8. When the alcohol finally hits you while you’re turning it up on the dance floor.

9. When the bartender tells you there’s a minimum on cards AFTER they pour your drink.

10. When you’re looking cute AF but no one is feeling your look.

11. When you spy a total thot so you try to act sober.

12. When you look at your drunk reflection in the bathroom mirror and realize that there’s no coming back.

13. When you cockblock because you saw that boy FIRST.

14. When you come back from the bathroom to see your friend making out with someone totally gross and you have no idea how to handle the situation.

15. When you’re whipppin’ your hair so damn hard everything is blurry because your jam is playin’.

16. When you’re trying to console your tequila-filled friend who started thinking about their ex.

17. When your friend buys another round of shots and you shouldn’t take it but you do anyways.

18. When you just told all your girls how much you love them and you’re about to go in for a group hug.

19. When you’re holding your friend’s hair in the bathroom while they puke.

20. When you turn around and your friend is going home with the hot guy they’ve been eyeing all night.

21. When you just want to go home but Uber is surcharging.

22. When you finally walk your drunk ass to the pizza place and it’s closed FOR NO DAMN GOOD REASON.

23. When you stick your head out of the window on your way home so you don’t puke all over the Uber.

24. When you get home and you have extreme drunk munchies but all you have is a damn apple.

25. When you finally take off your heels and you can move your toes for the first time in HOURS.

26. When you got mad spins but you’re trying to sleep.

27. And when you check your bank account the next morning and see how much money you dropped at the bar.

The worst.

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