Los Angeles designer Sue Wong is known for combining the allure and elegance of iconic bygone eras (think GATSBY, for example) with a modern sensibility to create timeless works of art.  She has dressed countless celebrities, including Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, and Taylor Swift. Her line is available nationwide at specialty boutiques, and major department stores including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale’s. Here’s her top ten go to wedding trends for Summer 2014.

Since wedding season is in full swing, Ms. Wong put together the top 10 wedding trends of the summer, for all you blushing brides out there!

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  1. Bright Colors – Radiant Orchid (Pantone Color of the Year) : Be UNIQUE. Think out of-the-box and be daring, BE avant-garde and set tomorrow’s conventions by choosing colors that celebrate “I am my own voice!”image
  2.  Scallops: Lines, contours and configurations visualize so much of who we are; be adventurous and explore shapes/lines that create beautiful memories, extending into your special day’s other design aspects. These scallops can poetically sing so powerfully for a beach wedding. Have FUN with your choices!image
  3. Greenery: Green signifies health, growth, spell-binding evolution; so filter it in every possibility. Poetry is in the details Love is Nature’s most powerful spiritual anthem,  so let Nature preside in your arrangements and décor.
  4. Mix and Match: Celebrate the love within your wedding party. Have your bridesmaids/groomsmen visualize their individualism through their own choices.image
  5.  Textured Cakes: Your wedding cake is your love’s trophy that you’re sharing with all present; make it a stunning reflection of themes imbued in your chosen wedding.image
  6.  Jeweled Necklines: As the Queen of Beads, I LOVE jeweled necklines. Nothing sings more beautifully than adorning your radiant face with  sparkles the galaxy of happiness inside your heart. Balance is the keyword; excess always undermines and less is always more.image
  7. Classics: Chivalry, respect, masculine refinement never go out of style. Let your special man shine like your knight while reflecting classic lines, choices and silhouettes.image
  8. Lace: Lace is to your wedding day what air is to lungs. Let it breathe its pure magic into your choices across every aspect of your wedding experience.  image
  9.  Headpieces: Don’t hide your beautiful eyes and smile. Showcase your powerful alchemy in an ultra-unique headpiece.image
  10. Forest/Woodland Weddings: Don’t let conventions quash your potential. See beyond borders and boundaries and celebrate your spiritual union exponentially with the greatest cathedral possible – nature itself!image

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