Ed Kavishe is the founder and owner of Fashion Wire Press, an online portal to the best fashion shows around the world. He is always on the runway whether it’s at the Airport or at Grand Palais for Chanel ™ and loves 14 hour plane rides™. During each fashion week, Fashion Wire Press gets a whopping 2 million unique visitors!

Mr. Ed Kavishe is a global citizen and has photographed thousands of the best fashion shows — Gucci, Valentino, Lanvin…you name it, he is there –front row center.

He does this in style…Ed Kavishe has been featured for his fashion sense in GQ, Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel and Playboy. You will regularly see him around the world dressed to the nines.

We had the chance to ask Ed Kavishe about his business and how he got into the glamorous world of fashion.


Mission and vision of your company/firm:

No.1 Source for Fashion Week runway photos globally
Who is your customer? How do you define your target customers?

 Anyone who loves fashion: we are a platform that showcases the latest collections as they are presented by the designer in real time, our audience consist of journalists, fashion students, stylists, buyers, designers, CEO’s of companies and anyone who follows and loves fashion.

What makes your company unique? What’s your company’s competitive advantage?

We showcase a careful well curated collection of designers, we are not influenced by advertisers as most platforms are, so you will find an unknown Russian design and feature them next to Valentino or Chanel, we just love fashion and we embrace good talent.

How did you fund your business when starting up? 

I never raised any capital, invested my own savings and was lucky we got profitable right away, made a  lot of mistakes…but also very good business decisions along the way.

What is your leadership style and business philosophies?

Dream Big, Work Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun, Make a difference.

Thoughts on business partners and sharing ownership? How did you and partner(s) meet?

You have to find the right business partner if your visions cannot align together than its not a good partnership, you don’t necessary have to agree all the time, but you must meet in the middle and align your visions together for a successful partnership.


Seminal moments and achievements in company’s history; biggest setbacks & challenges:

A look at every moment we have moved forward as a moment of achievement, working with new clients and well established brands is always a great achievements, we take each day slowly and live it.

Where do you see your company in 5 years? Paint the picture for us.

A fully digital integrated company providing solutions in both the fashion world and the fashion tech world, we are working on a couple of platforms that are mind blowing…stay tuned. 

Would you do anything differently?



When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?  

Working for people who had zero entrepreneurship skills makes you realize your strengths I always knew I wanted to do more, at a time when everyone was fighting for jobs–shooting for Conde Nast or Harpers Bazaar.

I knew I wanted more than that and have the freedom to really express my vision on what a fashion platform should look like, I guess I’m sort of a rebel in a way, but being an entrepreneur was something that was probably influenced to me by my mother at a very young age-make it your own.

Key traits for a successful entrepreneur?

Fearless and definitely a risk taker and be ready to fire people if you have to.

Biggest challenges to being an entrepreneur?

Managing people and making the right decisions, every decision you make will negatively or positively affect your people. 

Setbacks: What have you overcome? What did you learn from setbacks? 

Don’t give up, and don’t doubt yourself.

What drives you?

To do the best everyday…be Ed Kavishe everyday.

What is your personal highlight/proudest moment?

My children.

Advice for those who dream of starting or running their own company: 

Don’t be afraid to fail.


How did you find your passion for traveling?

As a child I loved Geography and could name all the capital cities of every country around the world….when I grew up I wanted to see each one of those cities.

Where are some of your favorite places in the world? 

New York, Zanzibar, Paris, The Swiss and the French Alps, I love travelling to Moscow Russia, Italy is my favorite country.

What are your top 5 favorite hotels in the world? 

Peninsula Hong Kong

Ed Kavishe The Peninsula Hong Kong: The Grand Dame of the Far East

W Saint Petersburg


Four Seasons – never stayed at a bad one

Principe di Savoia Milano

Hotel Principe Di Savoia - Foto di Hotel Principe Di Savoia ...

Vdara Las Vegas

What are your top 5 favorite restaurants in the world?


Les Halles Park Avenue NY

Ristorante da Giacomo Milano

Epicure at Hotel Le Bristol in Paris

Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence Italy

Irish Pubs-believe it or not I am a bigger sucker for those, sometimes nothing beats pub fare and some Guinness



What are you 3 favorite fashion brands?


Saint Laurent


Neil Barrett


What is your favorite car brand?




What does luxury mean to you?


If you ever go to Africa, everything is handmade, that is luxury.


What are 3 ways to live luxuriously without spending so much money?


Have billionaire friends.


What are 5 travel tips for our readers?

  1. Respect other peoples culture, it bothers me when people travel to other countries and complain about things that they have probably been doing that way for centuries.
  2. Try something local .
  3. I don’t buy souvenirs (as i always feel i’ll be back).
  4. Be Safe .
  5. Don’t lose your passport.





What are 3 ways to increase your social media following?


1 Good engaging content

  1. Be original
  2. Know your audience and what they want.


What is your favorite platform and how do you utilize it?


Instagram-I’m a photographer and I love photographing beautiful people doing beautiful things in beautiful places.





What would you do if you weren’t doing this?


I’d be a Doctor.


What do you like to do for fun? What are your hobbies, sports, outlets?


I watch soccer a lot, am a season ticket holder for Manchester United.


What inspires you? Who inspires you? Most influential people in your life?


My family and Michael Jordan.


Mentors: From whom did you learn? Who deserves partial credit for your success?


My mother, one of my former bosses a gentleman called Jim Meadows, and Michael Jordan.


Causes and charities you believe in:


I believe in goodwill for all and mankind adopting the idea of Global Citizenship, if we all believed that we are citizens of the world…the world will be a better place.


What’s next for you? What goals and dreams remain for you?


I want to eradicate Malaria from the World….and I know how.


What is your most memorable experience?


Manchester United winning the European Cup on May 26th 1999 at the Nou Camp in Barcelona in 30 seconds of extra time.


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