Nothing says “I live the good life” like a mansion, a yacht, and a private jet. However, there is a certain level of wealth and extravagance that only comes from exclusivity, and exclusion is the name of the game with these Secret Member’s Clubs. This isn’t like your old tree house with a “No Grown-Ups Allowed” policy, as these clubs offer fun, parties, and a lifestyle fit for such secrecy.

10. CLUB 33

Kicking us off is the big mouse himself, with Club 33. The not-so-secret secret club began at Disneyland in Anaheim, California but now has branches at most major Disney parks. Offering club members exclusive park access such as line skipping and free valet, Club 33 is the only place in the Disney parks (not including Epcot or Euro Disney) to serve alcohol.


A gentlemen’s club located in the heart of England, it boasts itself as being “the oldest, and most important of all Conservative clubs.” Founded in the 1830s, it has survived bombings from the IRA and has had former Prime Ministers as Club Presidents. One of the highlights of this establishment is a signed portrait of the Queen Mother herself.


A club for the military enthusiast. The Army and Navy Club, which started in the 1790s, was so exclusive that it only started to allow full women membership in the 1990s. Only offered to members of the armed services of the Commonwealth, and only those nominated, members include some of England’s most successful military members.


The best date? Dinner and a movie. The best city? According to it’s residents, New York City. The best movie? Subjective, but I’m going to go with King Kong. Throw all three together and you get the Reel Tasty Dinner Club, a small but intimate dinner club for the cinephile where films are projected onto New York buildings while dinner is served. Secret meeting times and locations allow it to make it on our list. While not as prestigious as our other lists, this one is just too cool not to bring up.


Located in New York City, this party-planning group throws some of the loudest, most off-beat parties while also hosting lectures, art shows, and theatrical performances. One of the rare groups to feature a FaceBook page, the secrecy (and interest) comes from their invite-only events.


Secret, always moving meeting place? Check. Awesome name? Check. Secret Handshake? A check just because the odds are in my favor. This Los Angeles foodie club meets about once every five weeks and seems to come directly from Quentin Tarantino’s film universe. Their shockingly bare website lets you purchase plenty of perishable pickles, but makes sure the secrecy lives on.


This is where we go beyond “neat thing to Google” and straight into “I don’t know what’s going on in there but I want in.” Located in Hollywood, this nameless stone-facade restaurant and bar has goers such as Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis as regulars. Want to make a reservation? Know the owner. Want to know the name? Tough cookies. It opens at 8 PM and closes around 2 AM, and even the valet drivers (because of course a place this cool would have valet service) have to run across the street to use the bathroom at another establishment. The only way to get in is by invitation, which is reportedly a phone number on a black card.


The problem with secret societies is that you need to be invited into them, and that’s no more apparent than with the Gridiron Secret Society of the University of Georgia. In the historic and bohemian city of Athens, this club is so secret that “Qualifications for membership and activities are known only to members,” and they’re not talking.


So, you’re already rich enough to go to one of the most expensive and affluent colleges in the United States. What’s next? Well, how about a secret club that meets in a place called “The Tomb” and has such members as President George W. Bush and actor Paul Giamatti? The Skull and Bones Society might be right up your alley, and while it might not be the most secret, it clearly goes above and beyond the atmosphere and “coolness” to be one of the top Secret Clubs.



At the center of many conspiracy theorist dreams comes our number one spot, The Bohemian Club. Beginning in the 1870s for artist and journalist, the club has grown to include members such as President Richard Nixon. Members tend to be the elite of the elite, including Presidents of the United States or CEOs of major organization. Only allowing 2700 members, some people have waited over 15 years to be allowed to attend the secretive meeting quarters of Bohemian Grove, and while past members are listed to the public current membership is strictly confidential.

That’s Destination Luxury’s Top 10 Secret Member’s Clubs. What do you think? Want to be a member of one, or do you just find the secrecy off putting?

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