Bentley owners appreciate craftsmanship, luxurious experiences and sophistication. As the fastest luxury SUV in the world, the Bentley Bentayga goes far beyond our expectations.The W-12 engine has a top-speed of 187 miles per hour. With a starting price at $229,000, it has everything that you would expect from the brand – timeless design, power and exquisite handling. The quilted hand-stitched leather seats have always been a staple of Bentley design to ensure maximum comfort for the driver and passengers.

“You get all the Bentley values, high performance in an SUV body for the first time. We’ve invested in electronic stability systems. When the car is driving on the road, it can still be driven very fast. Even though it has a higher center of gravity than a coop or sedan, it is still very stable in the road,” said Bentley Board Member Kevin Rose.

The Bentayga is basically the Flying Spur and Continental converted into a luxury SUV. It’s much bigger and taller and has a sleek yet powerful design. The wheels range from 20 to 22 inches in diameter while the hatch is angled slightly. The car is absolutely perfect for families, especially for those parents who refuse to get a mini-van.

We took the Bentley Bentayga up the Pacific Coast Highway in California to Malibu, the perfect destination for a sunny day in California. As we drove, one of our favorite features of the car was the panoramic sunroof which comes as a standard to every Bentayga. The sunroof opens almost to the full capacity of the entire roof. As we drove in 80 degree weather with it open, we felt the calm cool coastal breeze and vibrant sunshine.

The interior is as posh as you can get. Designer Darren Day created a cockpit filled with polished lacquered wood, sleep leather surfaces and exquisite hand stitching. Sitting in the seats of a Bentayga feels like you are in a G550 ready for takeoff. When the radio is off, you can barely hear any sounds of the road and the driving experience is so smooth, you will feel like you are flying.

“The design overall is very special. We’ve used special techniques to get special lines on the car. We heat aluminum to about 500 degrees celsius so that we can get really crisp lines without joining pieces together. The rear seat entertainment system allows you to take the tablet out and hold it,” says Rose.

The Bentayga comes with a Breitling clock, made of solid gold and comes with eight large diamonds. Now it doesn’t get more luxurious than that!


photo courtesy of Bentley.

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