Wondering what’s going to be the next big hit in 2021? Want to make sure your wardrobe is up to date? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Luxury Trends in Shoes

Who can’t wait for the winter and fall considering we have such amazing things to wear? The winter shoe trend for 2021 is undoubtedly making us ache for the chilly weather even more. Here are some of the biggest shoe trends for this year:

Boots with Chunky Heels
Wider and long heels are in trend more than ever. These fabulous looking luxury heels are not only pleasing on the eye but also incredibly comfortable. Yes, you can quickly throw on these boots and flaunt your luxurious style. For comfort alone, chunky heels offer so much more than thinner heels and allow you to enjoy life without worrying about your feet. With Ganni, leading the way in this trend with their rubber boots being the season’s must-have.

Colorful Boot Trends
Who doesn’t love to wear beautiful colors on their feet? That’s right, luxury boots with unique colors are coming back. These shoes are perfect to bring liveliness and glamour to any look. In 2021, why not try some unique colors and watch as your outfit grabs attention. It might require a trip outside your comfort zone, but we’re loving yellow, purple, neon, and other bright colors.

Animal Printed Boots
When talking about fashion trends, how can we forget animal prints? These are boots that will work with every kind of look. If your budget is small, pick one pair that you think will go with most of your wardrobe.

Leather Sock Boots
Finally, it seems we’re also going to love leather boots this year. If you want to create a sexy look, there is no better way than with this style. Sock boots are everywhere, and we think the trend will continue as time goes on.

We mentioned earlier that the world is shifting online. Primarily, online luxury shopping is increasing, and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the speed of this transition. For a genuine one-stop-shop, you can visit an online store to buy all these latest luxury trends.

Luxury Trends in Clothing

After shoes, consumers also spend heavily on clothing. In 2021, COVID-19 will deeply affect industry trends. This includes everything from shopping to digital channels to luxury goods. Here are some styles that are going to be in this year:

Branded Face Masks
Due to COVID, face masks are the new normal, and many luxury brands are producing them for consumers. More than just protection, face masks are becoming a fashion statement too. It is one of those wearable accessories that can become a valuable addition to your image.

Victorian Sleeves
Victorian fashion never gets old; however, modern culture has revolutionized this concept. In recent times, we’ve seen many famous fashion brands use this legendary style to create a cool look. Victorian style sleeves will very much be in trend in 2021. Don’t hesitate to buy a dress or blouse with this unique design.

Faux Leather
Talking of trends that never die, the same can be said for faux leather. Faux leather dresses and jumpsuits are fabulous in giving a highly fashionable look. Additionally, these leather dresses can save you during winter. It means that you brighten your day with bold colors while also staying warm (even in cold weather!).

3D Clothing
It’s fair to say that we’re now living in a digital and virtual world; also, it’s evident that the fashion industry takes inspiration from things that are present in society. As a result, one of the high-tech luxury fashion trends has been 3D clothing.

Compared to others, this trend is definitely in the experimental stages. Yet, if you want to feel and look good, you can give it a try now. To create a contemporary look, try printed apparel.

Ultimately, luxury brands need to stay relevant yet trendy in 2021. It’s not enough to rest on the prestige of centuries-old designs to remain successful. Luxury brands have to adopt an innovative way to meet customers’ expectations.

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