Land Rover claimed to have ‘designed to another level’ when it launched the Range Rover Sport Autobiography, and in our opinion, it couldn’t be more spot on.


Range Rover Sport Autobiography Rental

Range Rover Sport Autobiography Rental

The latest Range Rover Sport Autobiography really does tick all the boxes, offering drivers the rare combination of comfort, luxury and the off-road ability to conquer the most challenging of terrain.

It evens comes in a 7-seater version, with an extra row of ultra-comfy chairs appearing as if by magic at the simple touch of a button. But for those of you concerned that a MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) tag might deter from the Range Rover Sport’s luxury image, worry not. The third row of seats is hardly noticeable in the spacious interior, which feels just as upmarket for seven as it does for five but with more room for all the family.

What’s more, all the seats are adjustable meaning that everyone can relax and enjoy the ride on a long-distance journey once they have indeed, got in situ. The third row of seats is quite difficult to clamber in to, and is only really suitable for kids or extremely nimble grown-ups.

Range Rover Sport Autobiography 2016 Interior

Range Rover Sport Autobiography 2016 Interior

Once in and belted up, passengers young and old are in for a wonderfully comfortable ride. But what’s it like to drive? The first remark almost all first time drivers make when they climb into the Ranger Rover Sport is that the view from the driver’s seat is exceptional – as the car is so high up. From this position drivers really feel in command.

And what isn’t there to like about being in command of a powerful car like the Range Rover Sport, with eight gears which can propel the vehicle from 0-60mph in just 7.8 seconds? The suspension is excellent, its breaks are powerful and quick-acting and despite its two-tonne weight, the car feels light and responsive to drive.

Even more good news is its fuel consumption. Gone are the days when Range Rovers broke the bank every time they were taken out for a spin, so thirsty were their huge engines. The V6 diesel’s fuel consumption is fantastic, as is the touring range which is a comfortable 420 miles.

All in all, there is little to fault in the newest Range Rover Sport, not even the price. The Sport Dynamic model is being sold at $105,000 before options. The extra row of seating for the 7-seater only costs an extra $2000 whilst having the possibility of heating them costs a further $775.

If you are heading down to France or Monaco this summer, and you want to hire the new Range Rover Sport Autobiography, check out Luxury Rent Car which has a beautiful black model available for rentals in Cannes, Saint Tropez, Monaco and on the French Riviera. If you are in the UK, maybe hit Supercar Experiences as they have a beautiful white model to rent.

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