by Scott Weissman

A large and spacious office is, of course, good. But not everyone can afford such a luxury. And in some cases, it is not necessary. After all, if your company is engaged in a narrow specialization, why buy a spacious office space that requires a lot of money? If your office is small, the office furniture should be appropriate. It is necessary to manage to buy such tables and chairs, so that your employees were comfortable, and at the same time, that everything you need to fit in a small room. You might want to buy luxury furniture online.

To save space in a small room, it is advisable to buy office furniture that can be transformed depending on the individual needs of employees:

  • Tables with drawer units allow you to place numerous working attributes in a convenient place at your fingertips; have a look at Hotrate’s office desk guide  for choosing the right one for your workspace.
  • hanging cabinets, pedestals and racks without supports will create a sense of space in the office space and increase the access area;
  • Functional tables with folding worktops will provide an opportunity to quickly organize a workplace for business partners or employees from other branches of the company.

In a small office space, it is necessary to use every square meter of space and adhere to the principles of minimalism. If it is possible to hide personal belongings of employees from the public view: if there are niches in the room to install cabinets of built-in type or disguise hangers with clothes with mobile screens. In order to save space in the working areas, it is advisable to install in the center of the room one-piece multi-section tables with tables equipped with compartments for computer equipment.

For the visual expansion of a cramped room, it is advisable to install mirror-front cabinets or tables with transparent worktops in dark corners. Small-sized rooms should be filled with light as much as possible. Therefore, the window area must not be obstructed.

The supervisor’s workstation should be located in the far corner of the office space. In order to create a comfortable atmosphere for the surrounding workers, it is necessary to limit the working area to glass partitions or shelves with open shelves, where you can put the pride of the company: awards or certificates for productive activities.

It is important to create a comfortable office environment for employees to enjoy their high performance. Wooden, plastic, metal office furniture, created by individual order, will allow you to organize a comfortable workspace in any room, regardless of its area and configuration. On the website it is possible to implement all kinds of projects of the interior design of the office with a favorable atmosphere for the consolidation and effective work of the team.

Rational zoning of space

In a small office, there should only be one thing big. This is the manager’s desk. Everything else should be compact and ergonomic. The room should be planned in advance where it will be located:

  • The office of the supervisor;
  • Working area;
  • A lounge room;
  • Negotiation room;
  • Reception room.

You have probably been in large companies, where each zone has a spacious room. So – you need to do the same, but with the help of small, correctly selected office furniture. Office cabinets can be bought narrow, but high. Tables need exactly the same size as those required to accommodate the most essential things – computer equipment and office equipment. Not less, but no more.

Coloring and functionality

Spacious offices can be decorated in dark colors. But for a small room, there is one choice – light pastel tones, which will help to visually expand the space. In addition, the beige, white and cream colors will make the interior airy and positive. It is the light tone of the office that disposes potential customers to cooperate with the company.

The ideal option for equipping a small office will be a transforming table for employees. In the folded condition such furniture can serve as a dining table. And if to decompose it, it will turn out quite a decent place for negotiations.

If the office space does not allow to divide the zones by walls, it can be done with the help of cabinets and racks. A very convenient solution that will save space. Cabinets will serve not only as original partitions but also as a place of storage for important documentation.

And, of course, an indispensable option for each small office is a corner table. It is designed specifically to take up less space and provide more functionality.



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