Often we refuse to master an unfamiliar tongue. Why does it happen? It is quite tiring, the memory is bad, and indeed, “I have no way to do this.” However, some people know the methods of how to quickly and with pleasure, speak in an unfamiliar tongue. These are polyglots. Polyglot Luis Miguel RojasBersia from Pery speaks 22 living tongues. How could he master them? What is his secret?

He travels around the country where people use this tongue for a week and communicates with everyone he meets. “Begin with meeting locals, master to sayHelloand follow their gestures. Rules of conduct are just as important as rules of grammar.

It’s not about finding an algorithm, but about becoming a part of society,” says Luis Miguel. He asks each taxi driver to tell a joke, and then with the next driver, the car repeats the mastered words.

To quickly study the prepositions of a place and a direction, for example, up, down, left / right, he goes to the gym with a local trainer. He also treats passersby with coffee to master a bunch of unfamiliar words in an hour of conversation.

How to Master an Unfamiliar Tongue Like a Polyglot?

The main thing, according to RojasBerssia, is to master thebase“: how the predicate, plural of nouns is formed, how the negation is built, it will not be superfluous to study pronouns and numbers, “saving verbslikeeat, see, go, want, etc.. “, a few wordsbundles -” because, but therefore “, as well as the minimum of nouns.

Finally, let the resident explain a simple formula: “I give them an apple, he eats an apple, they eat an appleand so on, and Voilaa week later this Peruvian genius could freely speaksmall talkin a tongue completely new to him, he could read local newspapers, mastered the basic rules of grammar and mastered a thousand words.

Some OtherHacksof Mastering an Unfamiliar Tongue

There are other life hacks of mastering foreign tongues. For example, a polyglot Alexander Arguels every day starts withnew words“: he writes two pages of text, then goes on to other tongues from another tongue and writes all 24 pages of the notebook.

He goes for a long run, listening to audio recordings in foreign tongues and performs a simple exercisehe exclaims unfamiliar words loudly. After that, a workaholic linguist studies grammar and phonetics and fills out an excel table for each of the 52 tongues he teaches.

If you are not capable of such extreme efforts for the sake of 25 or 18 tongues, you can start at least with English. Moreover, you will be one of the 2 billion people who are mastering English as an unfamiliar tongue right now.

And yet, you were one of the many who studied the second foreign tongue at school, and nothing came of it.

So, it’s time to put all your linguistic resources together, organize them into a bright mind map, and be surprised how many words and phrases intersect in unfamiliar tongues Yappi Corporate offers a strategic crosstongue word list.

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How to Master a Tongue? Be Systematic

Yes, we are all very busy, no one has extra time to master tongues. But if there is interest, it can always be found. For example, wake up 15 minutes earlier. The ideal time for working with vocabulary. You can listen to podcasts in an unfamiliar tongue while you drive a car to work or do boring housework.

Be sure to need a training strategy. Determine for yourself that you will practice speaking for 20 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and watch a video in an unfamiliar tongue every day at breakfast.

Then, Stay Patient

Finally, if you need to speak unfamiliar words fluently, you have to be patient. It is impossible to master a tongue in two months, but this time is enough for significant progress. Especially if you have developed a plan and follow it.

Nothing motivates better than your success.

So if you tried to master at least one tongue, but quit, deciding that you don’t have the abilities and talents, give yourself another chance. Perhaps soon you will become a polyglot.

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