There’s no better feeling than that of freedom as you embark on an amazing road trip and drive through miles of unexplored interstate. I’ve found flying to be quite stressful and the cool weather of January made it a perfect time for me to hit the road and just go.
Even though my destination was the luxurious and eventful Park City of Utah, I decided to take my time and drive there. That’s because road trips can be even more enjoyable than when you actually reach your destination. It’s all thanks to 1200 miles of gorgeous sights, sounds, smells and feelings I experienced on the highway.

The Ride

According to the experts at RoadTrip America, the perfect recipe for a great road trip always consists of a comfortable drive that allows you to cruise down the highway without missing a single sight. The 2018 Lexus IS 300 with all-wheel drive proved to be the perfect roadside companion in every regard.

The all-new IS 300 featured plush interiors and intuitive controls that made me feel as if I was sitting on a throne, that meant that I could drive comfortably across states without suffering from a bad backache and inconvenient controlling of luxury futures. Despite the January snow that covered the highways and hills in Park City, Utah the all-wheel-drive technology allowed me to confidently and safely cruise along the road to my destination.

The Stops

While driving I looked out the window to see the Seven Magic Mountains and thought that I should definitely make a stop and take a few pictures. The time was around sunset so it’s almost imaginable what an amazing sight I saw. A couple of miles later after being inspired by the IS 300’s sporty driving capabilities, I made a stop at SPEEDVEGAS, a popular racing track in Las Vegas Valley. Mark Sedenquist of RoadTrip America can vouch for the fact that it’s a popular spot for people who are on the road.

The sight and sound of tires screeching.. powerful motors roaring.. gorgeous vehicles flying down the pavement fueled my thirst for the thrill. The next thing I knew, I was behind the wheel of Porsche 911 GT3 being instructed by a racing professional. I revved the engines at full throttle and it felt like I was reliving some sort of childhood dream of being a race-car driver. After five intensely exhilarating laps at full throttle, I felt like a legendary racing champion, I couldn’t believe it when I was told that I had the fastest lap time of the new year at 67.2 seconds. Speed Vegas is a must on your next trip to Sin City!

The Slopes

After my action-packed stop at Vegas, I was in the mood for some more adventure. Mountainous adventure, to be exact and that’s why the Park City Mountains Resort and Canyons Mountain Resort were the ultimate destinations. Los Angeles is great but my love of the slopes is what takes me across states to world renown resorts where I can snowboard fresh powder lines through gorgeous tree sections with the largest smile on my face over and over.
I’m not immune to the cold at the very least, but my winter active gear kept me warm, my vision clear and my style on point. For future reference, I wore an arctic parka and mutiny pants by Saga and Oakley Eyewear’s Prizm Goggles. After countless aerials and freestyles, I figured it was time for some après-ski which, for me, meant getting something to eat.
Cloud 9 is a stop that I consider to be a must whenever I’m in Park City area because of the heavenly culinary experience they offer. A large variety of burgers, salads, and chili meant that you’ll definitely leave with a satisfied appetite. I’d say that hearty servings and a view that’s worth every penny are the best part of eating a Cloud 9!

The Sundance Film Festival

After all my fun-filled stops and adventures, I arrived at the Sundance Film Festival and the scene looked like something out of a millennial fairytale. I felt like I was being enveloped by a completely different experience of captivating sights and sounds because of the music and bright lights.
The nightlife of Park City lives up to its reputation, I know that know after seeing live performances of famous musicians like Diplo and Marshmellow. The inspiring theme of women empowerment made me feel like I was part of an upcoming revolution and this installment was much more unique than any previous ones because of the theme.
Among the many festivities of the multi-faceted event, the Native American Ceremony was definitely a first because it helped raise awareness about a subject that no one talked about: Native American women who go missing every year. Later on, as the huge groups of people filled the streets, I realized that the women’s march was the flagship event. Sundance is a must experience that will be sure to bring out the adventurous creative side in you!

The Hot Springs

Utah’s hot springs such as Homestead Crater Springs are like nature’s Jacuzzi because they offered a luxurious experience from within an actual crater. It’s a geothermal spring that’s hidden within a limestone rock which has a height of 55 feet. The hot spring formed as a result of melted snow that seeped into the crater that’s shaped like a beehive.

The Thousand Peaks

After all the fun I had on my long road trip up to Park City, I declared that it was finally time to go home but not without some more snowy action. I made a farewell stop at Thousand Peaks and instantly changed into my winter active gear. I quickly hopped onto a snowmobile for one last thrilling ride before going back to Los Angeles. The thrilling feeling of powering through three feet of fresh snow at 40 mph is unlike anything I’ve ever felt, it’s absolutely one of my all-time favorite snow activities! Sure, my road trip home in the IS 300 was not nearly as action-packed as on the way up, but having a stylish, sporty, safe and comfortable Lexus to get me home safe while reminiscing about all the amazing memories I had made every mile back a breeze.

All photos courtesy of Patrick Reynoso.

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