Choosing the right bathroom partitions is very important, whether you’re just doing a thorough renovation of your facility’s bathrooms or doing some repairs to the partitions. There are a lot of options you can go for, and it can be very confusing, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about bathroom/toilet partitions. 

This is why you should be prepared with questions so you can make the right decision towards the new bathroom partitions in your facility.


Installing bathroom partitions

Value engineering your facility’s bathroom isn’t as complicated as it seems. You can easily make more economical decisions just by answering the following questions:

  • Are you expecting on-site employees and others to use the bathrooms multiple times per day?
  • How many occupants do you think will use the bathroom daily?
  • How much funding is available for future renovations and replacements?
  • Does your project need to qualify for green building certifications?
  • Is there any potential for vandalism that your panels need to be resistant to?
  • Do the facilities need custom designs to blend with your brand or company?
  • Do you have the equipment and materials in place to control the bathroom’s humidity?
  • Will the building’s indoor environment be particularly humid?
  • Do you anticipate a surge in traffic?

Once you’re able to answer these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to get out of the bathroom stalls and accessories. This will allow you to choose the materials that will provide the best possible performance for your project’s needs.


Identifying the different types of materials for bathroom partitions

There are five types of materials that the industry uses for constructing bathroom partitions. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so you must understand this before you buy them online.

Powder-coated steel panels

Powder-coated steel panels are the most affordable option. They’re made up of a panel of honeycomb cardboard, that is sandwiched by a thick sheet of powder-coated metal.


  • They’re a very affordable option
  • Their finish is resistant to water, chemicals, and other corrosive agents
  • They can last up to 20 years


  • It doesn’t come in many colors

Stainless steel panels

Stainless steel is an excellent material for high-end environments.


  • Stainless steel is remarkably resistant to rusts
  • They can evade corrosion induced by chemicals and humidity
  • They are long-lasting
  • They don’t need much replacement


  • Because of the quality, they cost more than the other options

Plastic laminate panels

Plastic laminate panels are created with a thin layer of laminate which is adhered to a particleboard substrate. 


  • They’re highly customizable
  • The covering of plastic laminate panels allows you to control the stall’s appearance
  • You can also add your graphics and colors


  • They are more expensive than powder coated steel partitions
  • They cannot be used in wet or humid areas

Solid plastic panels

Solid plastic panels are comprised of solid plastic. They’re solid panels of polymer that are 1-inch thick.


  • They are popular for their resistant qualities and ease of maintenance
  • The polyester construction is waterproof and steam-proof
  • It can withstand exposure to a wide range of chemicals


  • Its durability comes at an extra cost (twice the price for powder coat steel)

Phenolic panels

Phenolic panels are made from multiple layers of papers that are pressed together and are covered with phenolic resin coating.


  • Phenolic panels can stand up to heavy impacts
  • Their structure makes them more resistant to graffiti
  • The combination of the features makes them perfect for environments where there’s a higher risk of vandalism
  • They’re also water-resistant
  • They generally have long lifespans


  • They’re not as durable as stainless steel


Things to consider when shopping for bathroom partitions online

Now that you’ve identified the different types of materials you can choose from, here are things you need to know before you shop for bathroom partitions online.

How durable are these partitions?

You need to be sure that you’re choosing reliable materials for your bathroom, regardless of the type of facility you have. Durability is crucial because you want the frames and doors to be strong and endure any damage caused by occupants who close the door a little rough. While there are a lot of strong and reliable options out there, HDPE rises to the top because of its scratch and dent resistant surface.  This material can take quite a few hits and still not show any damage on the surface.

Is there a paper core interior?

Most bathroom partitions feature a paper core interior. However, you need to avoid this to prevent costly replacements in the future. Paper core interiors may seem cheap at first, but because of the constant exposure to humidity and moisture, they can absorb the moisture, which results in foul odors, mold, and bacteria. And you’ll need to replace the entire affected partitions eventually.

Do the partitions need considerable maintenance?

You can never avoid routine maintenance, but if you choose the right material, you can greatly avoid the unnecessary expenses spent on repairs and adjustments. You should look for a material that can withstand the elements, have great screw retention, and provide a strong structure. 

You should also consider a material that doesn’t need repainting, so you won’t have to close off your bathroom for repainting and until the harmful emissions and toxins have dissipated.

How long will these bathroom partitions last?

When buying new bathroom partitions online, you should be sure that it’s worth the investment. This means that you should choose a material that doesn’t just mee the criteria, but will also last you the years without the need to replace them frequently.

It’s good to know all these things when you’re browsing different materials that you can use for your next bathroom partitions. You need to make the right decision by choosing a durable and low-cost maintenance material that is also long-lasting. Browsing online can be difficult, so it’s best to check out Toilet Partitions for more information. It will be so much easier to choose the right materials when you order from them.

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