Any company event or festivity wouldn’t be complete without corporate gifts. Company giveaways are not just items you give out to your employees as a  way of showing your appreciation, but also it’s the company’s marketing tool as well, making sure that the company is putting their brand out there.

So, if you’re looking for gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place, below is a list of top corporate giveaway ideas. You may want to stock up on some to not just give to your employees, but for future clients as well. 

Read along to get more tips and ideas for your future giveaway needs.

1. Reusable Tote Bag

Nature-friendly, and very useful. You can use it for groceries, your packed lunch, or even swap it out to a paper bag for gift giving. Relatively cheap and easy to acquire as well, not to mention, a good way of marketing as your whole brand can be printed on both sides of the bag.

2. Colorful Stress Ball

One of the many effective gifts, the stress ball is loved by everyone. One can squeeze it to as much as he/she wants to release that emotional stress, or just toss it around while brainstorming on some office work.

3. Custom Bobblehead Gifts

A classic, and personal gift. Bobbleheads will never go out of style. Why? Because a bobblehead can simply follow pop-culture by shaping them as one of the popular personalities of today. Go ahead and buy a bobblehead here.

4. Reusable and Leak-proof Tumblers

All of us drink a beverage at work, may it be hot or cold, you can simply pour whatever beverage you want into a tumbler and go anywhere without the hesitation of spilling. Useful for when you’re at the office, at the gym, or even just at home. So wherever your employee/client may go with that corporate gift (tumbler), it will surely show your brand at the outside of it, making your brand visible to the public.

5. Custom Ceramic Mugs

A classic as well, the main enemy of the Tumbler, ceramic mugs will just never go out of style as well, it’s not only inexpensive, it’s easy to customize as well.

6. Unique Cup Covers

If you have a mug on your table and your kind of workplace is a sawmill where soots are flying everywhere, or something similar, pair your mug with a cup cover to protect your beverage from particles by covering it with a simple cup cover.

7. Long-lasting Power Banks

A very useful gift, you’ll never know when someone will need that extra juice, and your brand may benefit from giving these out, how? Let’s put it in a scenario, let’s say a possible client of yours was gifted with one of your power banks, just that afternoon, that client was already late for an important meeting, his phone is out of juice hindering him from calling a co-worker, and he can’t stop to plug in his phone as well. What’s to the rescue, the power bank you gave him of course, and who’s brand is it that’s printed there? Yours!

8. Different Colored Pens

Following the list of classic corporate gifts are customized pens, with your brand printed on the side. Everyone needs a pen and something to write on which is next.

9. The Jotter Pad

Or any kind of stationery is a perfect match for that corporate pen you’re giving away. May it be post-it notes or a notepad. Very useful items especially if you’re on a phone call and you need something to write on.

10. Small Fidget Cubes

This giveaway is a popular item, although your brand’s name may be printed small on these things, what you can do is customize what color these are going to be so that it can represent the company’s color theme.

11. Customized Work Calendars

Designed to tell you dates, calendars come in different shapes and sizes, have a small one designed for you which is easy to prop up on a desk.

12. Heavy-duty Umbrellas

When those rainy days come, an umbrella would be a perfect thing to have. You can purchase the small, portable umbrellas, or those big ones that you can keep inside your car.

13. Mobile Device Pocket

A revolutionary item, these pockets easily stick at the back of your phones to hold cards. We may forget our wallet at times, but we don’t forget our phones. You won’t need to worry about forgetting to bring your credit card or driver’s license as you can simply place them at the back of your mobile device’s pocket.

14. Mini Flashlight Keychain

Perfect for an emergency, since its a keychain you can let it dangle on your bag, or car keys. 

15. T-Shirts With Customized Designs

Custom printed T-shirts are easy to acquire and will show your brand right away.  

16. Baseball Caps With Logos

Same with t-shirts, baseball caps are very easy to acquire and personalize.

So there you go, the items above are the best corporate giveaway ideas. For your marketings’ sake, just make sure to have your brand name on those items, so that people will know you more and more. Happy shopping!



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