Nowadays, when internet has become as essential as breathing, no one wanna  slow WiFi. So, if your home WiFi network is running extremely slow, try the simple steps given in this post to get faster WiFi like never before. Let’s start over!


Turn the devices off and on again

Do it to your router first. Then, do it to your existing modem or gateway. After that, do it with your connected devices. Your devices need a break once in a while especially your router and the modem.

Your existing modem or gateway transmits WiFi signals to your home WiFi network from the Internet Service Provider. If your internet is acting weird, resetting your modem would be a better option to troubleshoot the issue.

Although the modem issues can be fixed easily by a simple power cycle, sometimes you have to call your service provider to reset it.

On the other hand, your router can also benefit you from a quick reset and give it a fresh. But prior to that, make sure to take the backup of the settings., After reset, you can set it up easily using the default router login credentials.

Also, turning your home networking devices like PC, laptop, or mobile devices off and on again can give your network a boost. So, we recommend to reboot your devices once in a month.

Choose a Better Location For Your Router


Though your WiFi can travel to the far corners, its signals can be interrupted or blocked by walls, doors, floors ceilings, furniture, appliances, windows, etc. On the other hand, they might get interrupted by radio waves coming out from cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, etc.

On the off chance your router is stuck in a corner, you may encounter low WiFi issue. The best spot for your router is the central location, near to your modem. Don’t place your WiFi router in a basement, cabinet, or closet.

  • Adjust the Antennas of Your Router

Many WiFi routers have internal antennas. They are easily adjustable. In the event that you don’t have adjustable antennas, reconfigure them and opt for Omni Directional antenna. Omni directional antennas spread the WiFi signals even in dead zones so that you can make most out of your internet.


Replace Your Router


Similar to humans, devices also need a change. Just in case, you have replaced your router before 2014, then you’re probably working with the one that is two WiFi generations old.


To extend the range and reach of your WiFi network, it is better to replace your router with Netgear AC750 router. If you have more than 4 devices in your home and want them connected to the WiFi 24×7, Netgear AC750 setup would be a better option. This smart WiFi router helps in keeping your devices connected to an active and reliable internet connection. 


Update the Netgear Router’s Firmware


Updating Netgear AC750 router firmware helps in keeping it secure and up-to-date with the latest software. You can update the firmware of your Netgear WiFi router via routerlogin web user interface.

Many newer and advanced router models have automatic firmware update feature. o .


We hope that the 5 easy fixes given in this post have helped you out in fixing slow WiFi issue. In case of any query, feel free to reach us anytime through the comments section.

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