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There are celebrities who would have never thought that they’d leave a mark on different generations. It has been noted that celebrities have been leaving imprints on the society even after they are gone. For some, when they were still alive, they leave their fans spellbound that even after passing away, the world still remembers them through certain memorabilia.

These items include the things the celebrities have touched or used. There are times when celebrity memorabilia would go on sale and on auctions. For the people who have fallen in love with collecting items from celebrities, here are some of the most precious and expensive celebrity item memorabilia of all time.

Scarlett Johansson’s Dirty Tissue

Celebrity hunters are known to buy anything for a piece of their idols. Scarlett Johansson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2008 where she was convinced to blow her nose in a tissue. This tissue was then sold on eBay. A fan bought the dirty tissue for $5,300, a week after it was posted.

Lady Gaga’s Fake Nail

Lady Gaga is known for her unusual fashion statements, ranging from her headgear, dresses and even her shoes. Due to her fame, fans are into everything she does and wears. That is why having her things sold as collectibles is not a shock anymore. The most expensive item from Lady Gaga’s wardrobe is the fake nail she wore on her show in Dublin. This razor sharp attachment fell off during the said show and was sold to a website known as ArtFact for $12,000.

Bruce Lee’s coat

BDDJH9 BRUCE LEE – Hong Kong-born martial arts expert and film actor

Bruce Lee was known for his amazing fight scenes in movies. In his movie the Game of Death, Bruce Lee wore a blue coat which was later sold at a rare auction in Hong Kong for $77,000.

Superman costume

As a lot of audiences rush to movie houses for the latest Superman movie, a prop from the original has become one of the most expensive pieces of collectibles in history. The suit of Man of Steel, as worn by Christopher Reeve from the original movie in 1978 was placed into auction in the year 2007 and was sold for $115,000.

Elvis’ Lock of Hair

wonder what elvis would have thought of this… | Like The Mermaid

For a number of people, Elvis Presley was and will always be the King.With his mega hits, there are not many people who have not heard of his songs. Up to this day, fans are still going gaga for Elvis collectibles and memorabilia. In fact in the year 2002, a lock of the King’s hair was sold for $115,000.

Michael Jackson’s Glove 

Michael Jackson has always been famous for his style, being a music icon. He always wears a jacket, white socks and the world famous glove. This glove shocked his fans when they first saw it in 1983 as it was covered with rhinestones. This started a trend that continued until the present time. One of the gloves went into auction and was sold for $420,000 in the year 2009.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

There aren’t a lot of cars that can talk to their owners, float and fly but that is what Chitty Chitty Bang Bang can do. This prop car in the movie where Dick Van Dyke starred in was sold for $550,000 in the year 2010. The one who purchased the car also owns a Batmobile prop.

The Red Slippers of Dorothy

Judy Garland has an iconic image that involved her heels during the end of the play The Wizard of OZ. Fitting something that is so memorable triggered people to auction the shoes she wore in the movie. The red, glittery slippers was sold for $666,000.

Steve McQueen’s ‘Le Mans’ Racing Suit

Steve McQueen is remembered by many in his motor racing suit in the movie Le Mans in the year 1971. The suit was made by Hinchman in which he placed logos of Firestone, Gulf and the American flag. This iconic racing suit has been sold for $984,000, making it the most expensive racing memorabilia item ever sold.

Marilyn Monroe’s Dress

Marilyn Monroe has been one of the most famous actresses of her time and until now, she is being idolized by many. America’s original bombshell had a sexy serenade for U.S. President John F. Kennedy, making it the stuff of the legend ever since it was broadcasted to the world in the year 1962. The dress she wore during the said performance went under the hammer with a staggering price tag of $1.26 million and was designed by Jean Louis a designer who eventually married Loretta Young. The dress was sold to the New York based company Gotta Have It!

Dracula’s Cape

Dracula may frighten kids but he definitely makes fans crave for more thrill. The cape worn by Bela Lugosi in Dracula was presented for auction and was sold for $1.5 million.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket

The King of Pop’s Thriller jacket was first worn in his video Thriller which was released in 1983. This jacket was a gift for Michael from designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins. The jacket was expected to fetch around $400,000 before the auction but the bidding went dramatic as the jacket was sold at $1.8 million.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5

James Bond is one of the world’s most favorite spies of all time. The actor Sean Connery has always been the definitive version of James Bond. Connery’s Goldfinger, James Bond’s third movie, featured quite a lot of iconic and memorable gadgets as well as gizmos. What caught the attention of many was the beautifully crafted Aston Martin DB5 with ejector seat. This movie prop has been sold for $6.41 million at an auction in the year 2010.

William Shakespeare’s Autograph

Who would ever forget about the poems and novels written by William Shakespeare? Shakespeare has always been a star and every individual who has a flair for writing would love to have his autograph. The problem is, he’s already dead. This shouldn’t be a concern since the great William Shakespeare’s signature has been found existing on six parchments. As exclusive as they are, one parchment costs approximately $6.1 million, with a total price tag of $36.6 million for all six of them.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection

People, most especially women, love diamonds but nobody loved her pearls and diamonds more than Elizabeth Taylor. This actress who played Cleopatra had some of the world’s most expensive jewelry, with a collection that made her rivals and critics jealous. After her death in the year 2011, her jewelry collection was auctioned for $116 million. Her La Peregrina pearl necklace alone was sold for about $11.8 million.


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