Rather than let a spinal injury stop him from achieving his dreams, Andrew Slorance used it to completely redesign the look and function of the wheelchair.


Andrew decided to design a wheelchair that was not only practical, but was equally focused on the attractive design wheelchairs so direly needed. “I felt that wheelchairs were horrible medical devices, and couldn’t understand why companies didn’t advance their wheelchairs in the same way bike companies did with their products. By the time I was sixteen I had decided that one day I would re–invent the wheelchair.”


Six years later, he created the Carbon Black, which is a clean and stylish wheelchair that’s also minimalist and lightweight. It is made out of carbon fiber and the chair was made with the motto “more person, less chair.”


The Carbon Black is a bespoke, monocoque based design that makes the life of a user easier. It doesn’t have a separate frame – rather, the seat is a key part of the wheelchair, making it stronger and stiffer with less components. The result is a sleek, sexy wheelchair that’s both functional and good looking.