Chronicling of the engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, TMZ and Spoke’s Spilling Royal Tea podcast is a delightful blend of history, gossip, and wit.

Podcasts come and go, often without leaving an imprint, but Spilling Royal Tea is truly a revelation for the times. The one season podcast tracks the progress of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fascinating engagement. A leadup to the wedding on May 19th, this is one podcast that no pop culture aficionado will want to miss.

While the Royal Family stands at the center of the podcast’s spotlight, the real standout stars are the show’s hosts: TMZ’s unofficial royal correspondent Sean Mandell and British actor Craig Robert Young. Each part of the duo is marvelous individually, both witty and knowledgeable, but it’s their sophisticated rapport that sets this royal coverage apart from the rest.

spilling royal teaspilling royal tea

Spilling Royal Tea is entertaining, glamorous, and educational. Though it certainly gives an insider’s view of the engagement, it also delves into its context and historical background. Not surprisingly, this combination yields splendid results. It also helps explain why it’s enthralled royal followers and culture buffs alike since its inaugural episode.

Only six episodes remain before the big day, but you can catch up on iTunes. In the meantime, let’s have a look at why Spilling Royal Tea has become such a sensation.


The Private Clashing with The Public

Spilling Royal Tea begins with an episode that details how Prince Harry and his soon-to-be bride met, which is appropriately (and adorably!) titled “When Harry met Meghan.” This introduction is a personalized account that effectively sets the stage for everything that comes after. It also builds the foundation of a fascinating contrast between the public and the private spheres. The coverage of Harry’s refusal to sign a prenup was a touching addition to this private foundation.

The show also delves into the historical background of the wedding. It traces the inherent difficulties of royal marriages and explores the sacrifices so many royals made in the name of love. Eventually, this blend helps bring the public’s fascination with the royals further to light. The royal family has a dual status in the general public’s mind. There are moments when they are relatable, and others when it’s clear they are very different from us.

There’s also plenty of gossip and intrigue in Spilling Royal Tea. Mandell and Young discuss the rumor mill, the guests, and the pageantry involved in a social event of this magnitude. They draw attention to the inclusion of the Spice Girls, as well as to the cake and the invitations. There are provocative tidbits and timely insights throughout.


Interrogating Meghan Markle

There is also the matter of Meghan Markle’s political activism and her very public displays of protest. The details of these issues are presented in a way that breaks down their complexity into very clear terms. The questions about Ms. Markle’s activism are set against the royal family’s apolitical background.

With this in place, a fascinating and very personal set of questions arises. Will Meghan Markle continue her activism once she becomes a Duchess? What effect will she, along with husband Harry, have on the royal family’s approach to social and political issues? And what effect will the royal life have on her status as an activist?

All these deep inquiries are present in this delightful podcast but don’t get the wrong idea! The hosts manage to maintain a light touch to the proceedings. Spilling Royal Tea is a flawless example of what a pop culture podcast can achieve and should not be missed.


Listen to Spilling Royal Tea on iTunes

All images courtesy of Spoke

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