When it comes to honeymoon destinations, there are so many options to choose from! There are numerous places that you may decide to go to, but beach holidays continue to reign. Going to the beach is Brits’ number one honeymoon activity according to a study by Opodo, but seeing as there are so many to choose from, which one do you choose? Although every beach destination has similar characteristics, there are still stark differences each offers its own unique experience. You may find, for instance, that one offers a lot more adventure, while another has a wider variety of watersports for you to indulge in. Here are some tips to help you plan your beach honeymoon!

Agree on Activities

There are so many activities you can choose to do on a beach honeymoon, and many have to do with watersports, fine dining, and possibly hiking depending on where you decide to go. If you decide to visit Mallorca, which was one of the top honeymoon destination choices in research done by Opodo, for instance, you have over 262 beaches that you can choose from. It means if you aren’t the adventurous type and you’d rather relax on a beach for most of your day, then this may be ideal. On the other hand, if it happens that you’re more adventurous, you could think along the lines of visiting somewhere like Bora Bora where you can snorkel in clear waters or go surfing in the beautiful Maldives. You should agree on the activities that you want to do with your partner beforehand as 57% of people stated that the secret to the perfect honeymoon is agreeing on this ahead of time.

Get the Best Package Deals

Beach holidays vary in terms of prices, so how much you spend is likely heavily dependent on what you want out of a honeymoon. If, for instance, you want to experience the luxury of staying in a five-star hotel or lush chalet on the beach, you’re likely to have to pay above the average price. There are some things that you can do to cut costs, however, like finding out the best time to book flights which are often on Tuesdays or Sundays. You can also search around for package deals which include flights, accommodation, and activities. The idea should be to get the holiday of your dreams while saving as much as you can as being considerate of your budget is key. You can also do this by planning ahead of time as sometimes booking earlier means major savings.

Get a Second Opinion

There are many things which may inspire the destination you choose for a beach holiday, and for 48% of people, recommendations from family and friends is a big factor. In light of this, you should ask family and friends as well as other people you know what different destinations are like, where is the best place to stay, and what you can get up to. The last thing you want is for your destination to not meet your expectations as a honeymoon is hopefully something you’ll do once in a lifetime. For this reason, getting as much information about the best beach holiday beforehand is essential.

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