Indoor-outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular. Architects across the world are designing luxury properties which blur the line between the inside and outside.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Glass curtains that become opaque at the touch of a button have opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Now, it is practical to build a master bedroom that has three walls that are entirely made of glass. Waking up surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature is hard to resist. Sliding glass roofs are also proving popular with luxury homeowners. These days, orangeries and sunrooms are very much a must.

Outdoor rooms

Increasingly, people are turning their gardens into what is effectively another room. Using the right lights, outdoor heaters, sofas, and other items many are enjoying using their garden as an extra lounge area.

Some homeowners are even creating a series of outdoor rooms using Privacy Trees from The Tree Center and other specialist tree nurseries. The trees or hedging plants are used to subdivide the garden. Using these plants people can easily create a luxury chill out zone complete with a hot tub that is 100% private.

Others are turning a corner of their garden into a sheltered entertainment space. Using dense hedging plants the cold can be kept out and much of the noise contained. It also helps to screen the cooking area off from the kids who can then safely play in another area of the garden.

Rooftop living

Adding a luxury penthouse complete with a roof terrace to an existing building is another emerging trend. In some areas, building regulations are being relaxed to facilitate this. City councils are increasingly waking up to the fact that letting home-owners make better use of the space they already own makes sense. It is an approach that is helping many cities to tackle their housing crisis. Plus, of course, this type of luxury living space is attracting wealthier residents to the city. There is something truly special about living above the rest of the city cocooned in luxury with your own roof garden to enjoy.

Indoor plant life

Others are filling their homes with exotic plants. In high-end neighborhoods, it makes perfect sense to build around a mature tree that has a preservation order on it. The cost of land means that the additional funds you need to spend to protect the tree are more than covered. It is quite surprising how great these trees look when they are artfully incorporated into a space.

Old-school conservatories are also making something of a comeback. They are no longer just glass extensions with a sofa and chairs in them. Instead, people are actually filling theirs with plants. They love being able to recreate a tropical garden in their own home. Adding in some seating and maybe a day bed turns these previously neglected spaces into somewhere everyone wants to spend time.

Creating a true indoor garden takes time, but it is an interesting and engaging project, which you can potentially do yourself. Once you get the bug you will want to continue to add to your tropical garden. It can soon turn into an absorbing hobby. You can find out how to get started, here.

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