Elon Musk and the Tesla team have outdone themselves once again with the new Tesla Roadster. The fastest production car in the world, it can clock speeds beyond 250 mph making it competitive fastest car to the Agera RS by Sweden’s Koenigsegg, which holds the world record at 277.9 mph.

fastest car

The Roadster has a 200kwh battery pack and a 620-mile range per charge. That means driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and back, without recharging. The vehicle has three motors: one in the front and two in the rear.

fastest car

Tesla has reached a new pinnacle of innovation by creating a speed-demon vehicle, breaking its own record, previously held by the Tesla Model X P90D in Ludicrous Mode. Musk enthusiastically shared that the car accelerates from 0-60 mph at 1.9 seconds and 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds. Not only is it the fastest production car in the world, it’s also the quickest.

These stats alone separate Tesla and place the brand in another league when compared to competitor car brands. It’s safe to say that Elon Musk and Tesla have retained their throne as the fastest car in the world. Musk says, “The point of doing this is to give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars.” He adds that the Roadster should make all other cars feel like driving a horse buggy.

The aesthetic of the brand is reminiscent of its competitors. The car looks visibly similar and takes the best assets from the McLaren P1, Acura NSX, Aston Martin, Bugatti Chiron and others. Previously, Tesla held the fastest production car record when they released their SUV Model X P90D in Ludicrous Mode.

Not only did Musk unveil the new Roadster, he also announced the release of the Tesla-semi truck, which is able to haul long distances. This is clearly a testament to the innovative mind and growth of the company, relentless for the pursuit of greatness. Unsurprisingly, Musk continues the test all boundaries.

All photos courtesy of Tesla. 

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