Cocktails are colorful, delicious and can add a little decadence to your evening. With the earliest-known use of the word “cocktail” in print that referenced drink was just before 1806 in an upstate New York newspaper, these creative concoctions have come a long way since their debut. In a world where luxury has become a force to be had, compared to, obtained and invented through the unmatchable amounts of instant searchable showcasing of information, it is becoming hard to stand out from the masses and capture people’s attention long enough to make an impression.

Luxury is constantly on the move and means something different to everyone. If we were to define what luxury was by the cost of a drink, most would certainly take notice of the item on the menu and if brave enough they may even order it to experience what luxury tastes like or just for bragging rights. If you ever wondered what it would be like to drink “a little bit of luxury” we have compiled the most opulent cocktail creations devised.

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