“Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise it is not luxury.” These words belong to the famous Coco Chanel, and she surely knew luxury! And when it comes to the place where you spend a third of your life – that is your bed – what could be more comfortable than a luxurious, splendid mattress to provide the perfect support for your body and to fit all together into your master bedroom?

But what makes a mattress “luxury,” since this is a subjective measure, after all? I thought it might be useful to underline a few criteria for you to consider when shopping for such a product. They are the ones that make all the difference.


Long lasting materials


Foam mattresses with higher density offer better sturdiness over time. You don’t want to buy a product that feels great but breaks down after a few months! So try to find out what materials were used for building the mattress you wish to purchase. The most common types of luxury mattresses you’ll find are memory foam, latex, hybrid and memory foam plus latex. But there are also those made of high quality natural or organic materials, which are usually hypoallergenic, and they are even posher than the others.


Additional features


Mattresses of the highest rank present features that allow them to keep the right temperature while you sleep so your body won’t feel too hot. Products using gel foam or top-notch fabric covers do that best. A luxury mattress will address the temperature issue by being designed to take care of it. Other specific additional features you should be looking for in your luxurious mattress are exclusive covers with health benefits, the possibility of flipping it or two firmness levels in one product.

Size and design


Luxury mattresses usually come in the popular sizes (Twin, Full, Queen or King). But you should also consider the consistency of the product: the thicker the mattress, the more luxurious it will look! Such a mattress will stand out amongst the regular ones. One of the reasons for this is that manufacturers don’t care about costs when making a luxury mattress. Besides using the best materials, they also bring out top design, colors, smart covers, so that the mattress will look amazing, but still perform at its best when it comes to the primary purpose – to make sure you’ll sleep like royalty.




Luxury mattresses incline to be way more comfortable than the regular ones, and that’s why they are a better choice especially if you’re having posture issues or back pains. Trying out mattresses or doing a thorough research on your own is the best way to find reliable information about the degree of comfort each type provides. Unbiased product reports are a great ally; find them on TryMattress – best analysis for various sorts and brands. If you’re shopping online, check the trial period, which is genuinely important since you intend to spend a considerable budget on the mattress.


Warranty and return policy


These two aspects are utterly essential. The warranty is vital, and in luxury products, you should look for time frames longer than the usual ten years. Some brands may offer a guaranty up to even 25 years. Make sure you ask about the return policy and that all its details are clear to you, in case you need to send the mattress back.


Keep in mind that you are not just buying a luxury product; you are investing in your long-term well-being and a particular state of mind. That feeling of exclusivity that will come along with purchasing a top-of-the-class mattress is something you don’t get to explore every day. And since this is the type of product you’ll enjoy on your own (or with your partner), but you won’t be able to show it to others (except maybe in pictures), it will make you feel exceptional.


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