When you are planning to attend a Thanksgiving dinner, one question always comes to mind: What should you bring as a gift for your generous hosts? Of all the options you could possibly think of, a bottle of excellent authentic French wine is easily one of the best gifts you could bring to a Thanksgiving dinner. However, there are a plethora of very different wines from various areas of the country, making it quite a challenge to choose and find the perfect bottle to purchase. This article will hopefully help you discover some of the best wines from the different regions of France so that you will be able to confidently pick out a gift that is sure to be very well-appreciated by your hosts.

Which type of wine should you bring to your incoming Thanksgiving dinner?

There are different main types of wines you should know about: Red, rose and white wines encompass the majority of all the wines you will ever find. That being said, let’s not forget about yet another type of wine that often makes for an amazing gift: sparkling wines. Sparkling wines are wines exhibiting significant levels of carbon dioxide after going through the process of natural fermentation in a bottle. Champagne is a notoriously famous example of a phenomenal sparkling wine. While you may find sparkling wines of all kinds and from many different origins, we would recommend you to look for an authentic bottle of French sparkling wine for such an incredibly special occasion.

Some examples of high-quality sparkling wines from France

Here is a list of some of the most common and most notable French sparkling wines:

  • Champagne: An instantly recognizable name that makes up about 8% of all sparkling wines worldwide. While the word Champagne is often used to describe all sparkling wines, the actual Champagne appellation is reserved for wines being produced in the French region of Champagne. This sparkling wine goes through a traditional process for its fermentation.
  • Cremant du Jura: This sparkling wine is a great alternative to Champagne. In fact, Cremant wine is made with the same technique as Champagne. The Aoc used for sparkling wines produced in the region of Jura, in eastern France between Burgundy and Switzerland. The sparkling wines are usually a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Poulsard.
  • Loire wine: Loire sparkling wines originate from the Anjou, Samur and Touraine regions located in the Loire valley. These white and rose sparkling wines distinguish themselves by their typically fruity aromas and their particularly tiny carbon dioxide gas bubbles.

Where can you order French sparkling wine from?

To choose and order a French sparkling wine from a large selection of products, look no further than Millesima. Millesima is a family-owned business based in Bordeaux, France, a region known for its thriving wine industry. Millesima allows you to purchase many fantastic red wines, rose wines, white wines, and sparkling wines. You may order from Millesima’s official US website for the sake of convenience or visit their physical location in New York City.


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